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My Technology Entrepreneurship 2 course starts this week. The class has spawned countless startups and allowed many more to take their idea to the next level. Sign up today as a student or mentor!
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FaBLinker adds the financial perspective to the Lean Start-up process.

You simply enter and/or vary the key components of your business model and it instantly creates an agile Minimum Financial Model (MFM) to compute the financial outcomes.
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Please like the NovoED facebook fan page and google + pages:



Also, my class starts today:

Design Thinking starts in just 2 weeks!:
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I have some questions but i don't know where to direct them.
Can you join more than one group?
How are you assessed?
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Join me in #Stanford's free online class on Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship on #Venture-Lab.
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Hello Technology Entrepreneurship Alums!

I'm reaching out to encourage you to explore the rich suite of entrepreneurship courses recently released on NovoEd, which serve as a great supplement to our class. I particularly recommend the following three classes offered by the Kauffman Fellows Academy, the preparation arm of the world's premier venture capital training organization:

The Boardroom - Board formation is a crucial step in securing connections, credibility, and guidance for your startup. This is an advanced class to help established teams who have already started a company or are in the process of doing so, which you should enroll in with your startup team.

Venture Capital 101 - If you're looking to raise VC money, then knowing how firms and individuals think and operate in the space is key. This class will help you with your fundraising efforts and teach you how to leverage investment beyond the benefits of raising money. 

Startup CEO - Co-taught by a current CEO and a serial entrepreneur, this class will give you firsthand insight into designing systems to help your company scale. Partaking in the class will help you to avoid crucial mistakes by learning from those of others who have gone on to become leaders in their fields.

You can see the full entrepreneurship curriculum here.

Best Regards,
Chuck Eesley
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I just joined the group. I am also trying to find a team for the class.

I read the two chapters and need to find the links to the class videos mentioned in the Syllabus.
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Technology Entrepreneurship course videos
Technology Entrepreneurship examines the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship.

How do you create a successful start-up? What is entrepreneurial leadership in a large firm? What are the differences between an idea and true opportunity? How does an entrepreneur form a team and gather the resources necessary to create a great enterprise? This class mixes mentor-guided team projects, in-depth case studies, research on the entrepreneurial process, and the opportunity to network and ask questions of Silicon Valley's top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. For undergraduates of all majors who seek to understand the formation and growth of high-impact start-ups in areas such as information, green/clean, medical and consumer technologies. No prerequisites are necessary.

I'm a professor in Stanford University's Management Science & Engineering group, teaching and doing research on technology entrepreneurship so that the next generation of entrepreneurs can have the greatest chances of success possible. Before Stanford, I earned my Ph.D. at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a B.S. in Biological Basis of Behavior at Duke University. I've spent the past 10 years in and around startups, founding 3 of my own, worked in a Duke neuroscience lab, started a biotech consulting firm, worked with numerous pharmaceutical companies and two venture capital firms and mentored startups in the MIT 100K and Clean Energy competitions.