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Way too funny;)  GO SQUIRRELS

OMG I just legit cried not  even kidding. Ya know why? Because I have CHINK the rest of the  FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!

shoot me please!

Thanks for your two cents,

I'll give you a quarter the shut the fuck up!

Love, This kid<

You would think being that there is a block schedule there would be like so many more ppl on! Have the last HOUR of lass to myself!


1. I'm Fourteen.
2. My family is fucked up.
3. I do competition horseback riding.
4. Even though my family is fucked up love them.
5. My favorite color is purple.
6. My birthday is March 30th.
7. I want to be a physiologist when  i"m older.
8. I'm serious about school even though I'm on google+ in school.
10. My life is dramatic but boring at the same time if ya know what I mean.
12. I'm so excited about homecoming even though I don't have a date ( going with a date is so overrated!) ;P
13. IF it weren't for my friends I feel I would be dead by now.
14. I 'm sometimes ashamed of who I am.
15. I AM WHO I AM <3!

I'm so flippin' excited for Homecoming:)

If we didn't have to go to school Monday. I wouldn't mind school.

Five more minutes until i can take i flippin' piss;)

I need more Google+ friends:(
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