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White Painted Antique Farmhouse Chair: Before + After
Once again, I'm amazed at what a little paint can do. This little antique painted chair looks like it's been this way for many years.  And the stencil just gives it that finishing touch. It goes perfect with my farmhouse bathroom and that is where it will s...

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Rustic Farmhouse Bar Stool Redo
I’ve had these bar stools for over a year now and have
looked at them everyday thinking, “I should really redo those bar stools this
weekend”. But something else always comes up and/or I’m just tired and would
rather relax.  But right now I do believe
I am ...

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Electrical Wooden Spool DIY Patio Table
Thrifty, easy and cheap are a mainstay concept around
here.  As long as it’s cheap and ends up
looking cute, I’m all for it.  Take this
patio table idea for example.  We had
gotten a ton of these (for free) for our wedding three years ago. We kept a
couple ...

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Farmhouse Kitchen Table
I cannot believe it’s been over two years since my last post. (WTH???)
I swear I’ve been meaning to update this blog, it’s just that somehow time got
away from me.  I do have some blog post
material lined up from those two years… one being some kitchen upda...

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A Bedroom Update with Closet Curtains
I am STILL in the process of putting the finishing touches on (our whole house) our bedroom.  The last time I had posted about it, I had just added some really cheap window treatments to the widows.  They are holding up really well. You can read about that ...

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Washi Tape Fridge Frame
I'm horrible with photos.  Especially the school pictures that come home each year.  I'm just not big into having a bunch of framed photos laying all over my house. But I wanted to do something with my daughter's school photos. So I got a bit creative with ...

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Valentine's Day Wreath - Tutorial
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  It's 9 degrees (feels like -11) here in Wisconsin :(  A couple of minutes ago it was snowing.  But I'm determined not to let that get in the way of a nice day with my hubby!  I promised I would share a tutorial on how I made...

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My Valentine's Day DIY Wreath
Back before I had this blog -- and waay before I did anything DIY -- I never had wreaths.  They just seemed like a waste of money.  Fast forward a few years -- and I still think they are a waste of money.  They are almost free if you make them AND much more...

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Children's Chore Chart - Using Bottle Caps
For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with having an efficient chore chart for my daughter, Devyn.  I've tried everything from popsicle sticks in a jar to hand written charts.  But they just didn't stick because a) they weren't visible enough or b) ...

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Window Treatments On A Budget
Well, I'm home from work today with the kiddo.  It is supposed to get down to -36 degrees with the wind chill.  The hubby braved it....I hope he makes it home ok tonight.  He has a 45 minute drive.   Anyhow.... One of my recent projects has been our master ...
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