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Rob Janssen (RobIII)
Life's unfair - but root password helps!
Life's unfair - but root password helps!

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MongoVue GridFS bug
I have been a MongoVUE user for some time and have always been quite happy with it. I had a bug or problem a few years ago (can't remember what exactly) and was quite astonished that their site doesn't feature a "support" section. All you can do is click "c...

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Taboo: Nathaniel Newman and Treacher Collins Syndrome
So I got home after a hard day of work and after putting the kids to bed and having a belated dinner I finally hit the couch and turned on the TV to stare at it mindlessly to clear my mind a little and give it some rest. So zapping through the channels I ha...

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What do we think of Google+'s new "poll feature"?
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Whoop! Wait... /care

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Google bouwt filmpjes van je Google+ album foto's. Best geinig gedaan.

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