I'm a programmer at ArenaNet and I wrote a bunch of the emote code for #GuildWars2 .  Because I'm selfish I want everyone to use all the features that emotes support so here's my mini-guide to the lesser known features of emotes.

Synchronized Emotes
I didn't implement this feature but it's super awesome so you should use it.  It's most popular with the /dance emote, but it actually works for all of them.  In order to synchronize your emotes with other players type an asterisk after the emote like this:

/dance *

That will queue up your dance request.  The queue gets processed every 5 seconds so a little time will pass and then everyone who used a synchronized emote since the last pass will have their emotes kicked off.  The upshot is that if a bunch of people type /dance * at roughly the same time they'll all dance in perfect sync.  This is frequently awesome.

Targeted Emotes
I implemented this feature because in many other MMOs I've played I try to wave at a person but because I frequently forget that I have something targeted I generally end up waving at a mailbox instead.  Gw2 doesn't have mailboxes, so that problem was already solved, but I figured I'd just end up waving at some other random thing instead.  So in Gw2 if you want to target your emote at a specific player (or whatever else) you have to target that thing and then put and at symbol after your emote, like this:

/point @

If you have a target when you type that then you'll face that target, point, and "Habib Loew points at <target_name>" will appear in the chat.  Not all emotes have special text for when they're targeted, but many do.  That same emote without a target would say "Habib Loew points" in chat.

With our powers combined...
Of course you can combine synchronized and targeted emotes.  Say, for example, that you and a buddy both want to point at a friend at the same time (you know, like you do) if you both type

/point @*

Then you'll point at your targets at the same time.  Any combination of * and @ will work, just make sure you leave a space after the emote name.

Custom Emotes
The other thing you can do is make a custom emote.  It won't have any animations, of course, but you can always type something like this

/me loves emoting

Emote text will appear in chat that says "Habib Loew loves emoting".  /e and /emote are synonyms for /me so any of them will work.  Please remember that anything you type in an emote is still subject to our code of conduct so be nice about it :)

So that's how it works.  Go forth and emote!

Update 8/27/2012 3:05pm PDT
Because some people asked, here's a list of the currently available emotes:

/surprised    <--- especially good on a Charr!
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