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Leaders across sectors using business to benefit communities.
Leaders across sectors using business to benefit communities.


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SEA SF BAY hung out with 4 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Jason Hardebeck, Jeff Raderstrong, Marc Lane, and Gregory Wendt
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Join an interactive roundtable online with innovative leaders working to foster and facilitate cross-sector collaborations across the United States. 
Our communities face challenges and opportunities that require collaborative action for collective impact. In Maryland, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and California, leaders are taking new and exciting approaches for bringing their communities together to work across the sectorial divides of a bifurcated economy.
This session is a great opportunity to explore models for community-powered collaborations; join on-going initiatives; share, learn, and collaborate with other collaborators!

Roundtable Participants
Alex Simon is Executive Director of Compass Partners, a social enterprise supporting students in social entrepreneurship, and connecting them with opportunities to engage in microfinance and social innovation around the world. He has worked with a variety of organizations including the Young Presidents’ Organization, Ashoka, MFI Connect and Minga. He is a Startingbloc Fellow, a travel-addict, and former caterer extraordinaire. Alex graduated from George Washington University, where he was a Compass Mentor, with a degree in International Affairs.

 Greg Wendt, CFP is founder of two non-profit organizations, Green Business Networking; a non-profit business community of over 4,500 business owners and professionals committed to greening the economy for Greater Los Angeles, and Green Economy Think Tank convening sustainability leaders in cities around the country to evolve actions and solutions for the green economy. The Living Economy Salon, fosters a dialogue and connects people around new innovations in economic models that promise a more fair and abundant economy for all living things.

 Jeff Raderstrong is a community engagement consultant. He is the Founder and Editor of UnSectored, an online platform for people interested in developing collaborative efforts to create social change. He has garnered national recognition for UnSectored, as well as grown the site from a group blog into an organization that uses online engagement to facilitate offline action. Jeff co-founded the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG) in college, which became a microfinance institution. Jeff assisted in a campaign to have SEG recognized as one of five White House Champions of Change.

 Jason Hardebeck is a self-described dot connector and maker of things! He is Chief Instigator of (formerly Greater Baltimore Technology Council). Armed with a cache of data sets made available by the federal, state and Baltimore city governments, GBTC and its volunteer force of tech hackers, data analysts and community activists gathered looking for answers to some of Baltimore’s seemingly intractable issues: vacant housing, substance abuse and a lack of educational opportunities.
 Author of 34 books, Marc J. Lane is a nationally recognized business and tax attorney, founder of Marc J. Lane Wealth Group. Marc is an innovator in helping social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, investors, lenders, and philanthropists leverage capital to maximize financial results while driving positive social change. He teaches Social Enterprise at Northwestern University School of Law. Marc was recently appointed Chairman of Illinois’ Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise by Governor Pat Quinn.
 Antonio Aguilera is president of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Social Enterprise Alliance, leaders across sectors advancing social enterprise to benefit communities; and part of the largest network of social enterprises in North America. Antonio is hosting usConverging sessions to generate joint business solutions to shared community challenges on the spot. He is founder of Crowd4all, a training game to access paid work online; and former Chief Social Enterprise Officer at CVE, Inc., where he directed 3 businesses that help people with mental health disabilities get jobs.

 Susan Rae Ross is currently doing development work in Sri Lanka. If technology permits, she will join this conversation as a subject matter expert. She is a highly regarded business woman, international health and development expert, author and speaker. As  founder and CEO of SR International, she provides corporations, nonprofits and government agencies with strategies and tools to actively manage their stakeholder engagement processes and facilitates successful partnerships across traditional sectors.
Susan’s third book, Expanding the Pie: Fostering Effective NonProfit and Corporate Partnerships, examines current trends, benefits and challenges of these partnerships as well as providing a meta-analysis of cases studies from around the world and a step-by-step decision tree on how to select and mange partnerships.

This session is a collaborative effort convened by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Social Enterprise Alliance as part of its Collaboration Language, Action, and Process (CLAP) content series. The CLAP content series highlights individuals and organizations creating opportunities for collaboration across economic sectors, fostering collaborations among collaborators. This series offers opportunities to promote collaborative work, recruit supporters, share and learn with others doing similar work, and unveil opportunities to participate in cross-sector collaboration initiatives. Special appreciation to Max Gail of LAP whose wisdom and guidance was critical to this content series.
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The SF Bay Area Chapter of SEA is excited to start its virtual programming series! Stay tuned to our G+ Channel for #SocentOnAir  conversations with #leaders  and #entrepreneurs  across #sectors around the topics of  #socent  and #impinv
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