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The world slowest porsche

Just curious.... Does anyone of you facing a very stiff auto gear transmission stick?

My Note 3 keeps rebooting after Kit Kat update. WTF? Any solution to fix this problem?

After updating to 4.4.2 my note 3 keeps rebooting unless i put it into airplane mode. Anyone has the same issue?

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After using the original book cover from Samsung I noticed that after some time when I open the cover, the tablet's sim card somehow goes into lock mode and I have to unlock it everytime. Anyone facing the same issue?

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Get into the game and stop being a ref.
Someone get that ref a Snickers ASAP!  He isn't himself today.
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This is cool
Cinemagraph in the Studio for Beauty Shot

What is a Cinemagraph? Is a photo that has inside movement! 
Me and my studio works on this technique for more than an year and half. 

Everything starts with a video that then is edited in postproduction with Photoshop or After Effects to get only one part that moves while the rest keep still. The result is amazing as it capture a lot the attention to the viewer! 
We worked also a lot to optimize the file weight: online you can see Cinemagraph that weights lots and lots of Megabyte. This one is very light and optimized so it takes less than one megabyte to display!!

We are working and proposing this image technique for clients and adv campaign.
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Anyone have similar issue with the latest hear update? It keeps uninstalling my feedly app

Anyone have problem with the latest galaxy gear update. Somehow it keeps uninstalling my feedly app
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