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Michelle Sharrock
AMHA & AMHR Miniature Horses
AMHA & AMHR Miniature Horses

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Greetings All. Happy New Year
It's been awhile.  My good intentions to blog weekly seem to slide into every month then six months!  ACK!!! I've been tasked with starting to blog again, so I'm going start 2016 with better intention ( and a reminder on the phone! ).  Soooo, early Happy 20...

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Stages of Aging on Horseback....
Stage I:  Fall off pony. Bounce. Laugh. Climb back on. Repeat. Stage 2:  Fall off horse. Run after horse, cussing. Climb back on by shimmying up horse’s neck. Ride until sundown. Stage 3:  Fall off horse. Use sleeve of shirt to stanch bleeding. Have friend ...
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