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Rochelle Franzen

Dear John Cena I am 48 years old and have bone cancer and a bad heart. I also have a son with tourettes syndrome and ocd anixety and panic disorder and he is 20 yrs old but mentaly 12 , 13 i am a single parent we were living on the street for a few years until we finally got approved for disibility now have our own place my son wes is going through a very hard time with  this bullying crap very depressed i finally saved enough money to buy him a 4 wheeler atv and it got stolen we reported it but the cops said we would never find it because they usually strip it right away all he does is cry and think of himself being worthless always down on him self he love wwe on mondays and fridays and what you do for so many people you are a super role model for him and of course i have a nephew and a bunch of othe famiy members who love you so much my sons name is wesley franze  and i dont usually ask for help from anyone when we were on the street we usually waited to eat after the resturants closed and checked to see if they threw there left overs out and thats how we survied but i am asking if maybe some of the wrestlers could get together and maybe get a used atv for my son for christmas im really sorry for asking but i dont know what else to do he is 6 3 250 lbs but very very smart but he doesnt think so has no friends pretty much keeps tp him self but it took me so long to save for the atv but there is no way i can do it again im only living on disibility but maybe you all  can find it in your hearts to help my son we will volenteer for you or chores or what ever you ask of us i dont know how long GOD is gonna give me being i have bone cancer but im stubborn so hopefully a while longer so wesley can be able to get the right skills and true friends to help him when i am gone love you all very very much we live at 14 keene rd winchester nh 03470 6032093011 i sure hope this gets to you Mr Cena love Richelle Franzen
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