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Juhani Lehtimäki
Android developer, design fan and author of Smashing Android UI book, co-creator of Lands of Ruin.
Android developer, design fan and author of Smashing Android UI book, co-creator of Lands of Ruin.

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Putin is a fucking despicable asshole.

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Here are some tips to help better understand and work with material design. Be sure to check the ℹ️ field for notes/commentary.

Unfortunately the talk wasn't recorded.

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Like.. what the actual F?

I can't believe this is how a president of a country is speaking. What the hell is going on?

Maybe it's time to call it.. How can he lead a country if he can't:
a) take responsibility of anything
b) respond to questions without behaving like a kid
c) form a coherent sentence

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I'm running into a strange issue with Smart Lock. For some reason it doesn't offer me my main account as an option where to store a password. Is there a setting or something that is causing this or is it a bug?

It shows all of my secondary accounts I have on the phone..

Anyone else seeing this?


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Devs using false DMCA takedown notices to silence critique fucking sucks!

Microsoft sets up a new large HQ to Munich.. Munich city switches away from Linux computers to Windows.

Coincidence or corruption?

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Some really interesting videos to watch even for non-game designers on this channel.

Still haven't figured out any practical uses for the app shortcuts. Anyone using them regularly care to share what they use them for?

I heard some people using the Play Store my apps as a shortcut but after setting it up I just don't find it useful.

Dear Lazy G+,

Any recommendations for advanced tutorials for using CollapsingToolbarLayout? I have a spec where I need to highly customise the transition from the expanded toolbar and the collapsed mode. The basic stuff is easy to do but I'm running to a wall.

Problem with Googling this stuff is pretty painful as many of the tutorials are either outdated or they are very basic.

Maybe there's a Droidcon talk or something somewhere for the more complex stuff?

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