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Juhani Lehtimäki
Android developer, design fan and author of Smashing Android UI book, co-creator of Lands of Ruin.
Android developer, design fan and author of Smashing Android UI book, co-creator of Lands of Ruin.

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No-brainer purchase.
$15 for the first 14 books in the series, a couple of audiobooks, comics and extras. I'm sold. This is a fantastic deal for anyone looking to get into this universe.

The first Samsung S phone that doesn't look like an iPhone.
Also, this is the first Samsung phone since Nexus S I'd kind of like to have. I just can't tolerate the Samsung skin..

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Does anyone know to select / change on IFTTT which Google Wifi point it should use?

Since Google decided to wipe our office OnHub non e of our IFTTT scripts work anymore. I can't figure out from the UI how to select the which wifi the script applies to. I have 3 separate Google Wifi networks under my account.

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The PRO features in the Runtastic app are available for free today!

▶️ Android users:
1) Download the free version of the Runtastic app from the Play Store
2) Open the app on your phone
3) Open the Menu (top left) and go to > Settings > Runtastic > Enter Promotion Code
4) Enter the code NOW4FREE in the field & click "Redeem code"
5) You just unlocked all the PRO functions!
To the app:

▶️ iOS users:
Just download the Runtastic PRO app from the App Store:

Share with friends & family! 💙

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A new song from Miracle Of Sound

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Small Hands is learning that talk is cheap.

It's so easy to be just yelling that what others are doing is shit but when it comes time to actually act and build something better things suddenly get very very difficult. In politics opposition is important but just blanket opposing EVERYTHING the other side is doing is not productive. Oppose things you know you can do better. Let others do things where they're better.

Same applies to a lot more than just US politics.
The republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House.

And yet the blabbering cheesepuff blames the other party because they didn't cast a single vote to dismantle one of landmark achievements of their own previous administration.

"I never said repeal and replace it in 64 days," the president said.

Yeah, except that you promised, again and again, to do just that in your first hour in the Oval Office.

Why are all these watchmakers announcing Wear watches they'll release in 6+ months? Is this normal in the world of wristwatch marketing?

Rogue One on digital distribution out today!
.... but not in Germany. Here it's 21st April.
..... Are they trying to drive people into pirating it? Why can't I buy it?

I'll never understand how movie studios run their businesses. 

When an American company says launches at "Holiday 2017" what does it actually mean? The summer holiday? Saturnalia? What month are they talking about?

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I'm exactly opposite. I wish people would have +1 sharing on. This is how I find more people to follow.

However, it's very easy to see why others might not feel the same way. Google should really add an option for anyone to turn off this in this other end and not force this on people.
For those of you who haven't changed the setting yet, please turn off the setting that shows everyone else that follows you what posts you +1 anywhere on the internet.

This is so annoying to be following someone and then to suddenly see posts in my feed about some Samsung Galaxy Wear 2, Wear 3 or whatever watch and community.

I follow you for what you post straight to Google+, not the things you +1 in various other places or whatever.

There is a simple setting to turn this off so that you're not filling up others G+ feeds with senseless crap.

I have included an image below of where you can change this setting which can be found on this page:

If you can't change that simple setting, then unfortunately it's time that I start unfollowing you because I truly don't want to see the random, senseless crap like that.
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