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Flashback Friday: Trip to Tokyo Day 1
Hello lovelies and welcome to 2016! I realize as I'm writing this, it's already 3 weeks into the New Year, but let's be totally honest, do we really stop writing 2015 on our notes and letters in January? I mean, it definitely takes me at least a good month ...

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Blood Juice a.k.a. »my« Red Smoothie
Why hello there everyone, it's me, Aya. It's not a name you read often on the blog these days because my posting speed is about as rapid as a sloth strapped onto a turtle walking towards a fan blowing in the opposite direction. But I also understand that yo...

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German (?) Bakery and Cat Cafe in Kyoto
Hello everybody, it's Aya here and I am officially back from holidays in Japan! Actually, it's been a few days since I've been back and all I've been doing is eating cake and playing this Tsum Tsum game on my tablet that I downloaded off of the Play Store i...

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Food for Thought: Where I've Been
Hey guys, it's Aya. I've been a bit distant from the blog due to a bunch of life happenings, which I wanted to address in this blog post today. Even though this blog is mainly focused on food, there is an actual person behind it, writing all the words and c...

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Die deutsche Sprache and a smoothie
I'm not gonna lie, I put this blog on the backburner. Let's be real for a second: how would you react if you yourself were a spectator to the slow decline of your foreign language skills not to mention your roommate is an unfinished portrait of Jesus that s...

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#instagram #breakfast
Yes, I did in fact hashtag my title. Actually, I used two hashtags which warrants each one of your eyes rolling into its socket. Hello, it's Aya, the writer of Healthy Appetite. Before I begin this segment of my blog, I'd like to apologize for the lack of u...

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Persimmon Pudding (raw, vegan, refined sugar-free)
Winter is definitely the oddball season in Berlin. I can never tell when it begins, how long it's going to last, and when it's finally over. I learned to deal with it over time, but once in a while when I am walking around in leggings and summer socks, I re...

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Chocolate Date Walnut Rolls
Hello readers, sorry for the long absence! I've basically been busy being a really lame routine person, dedicating most of my time to working out, studying, and my cat. She's actually sleeping next to me right now and I keep pausing every few seconds to sta...
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