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This is probably an oreo commercial.  But I'm willing to watch commercials of this quality.  I loved the scene in the van.

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There internet is now complete:

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Starting to question the value of road cones for protecting head...

I think the weirdest advertising I've heard in a while is on NPR.  Walmart advertises that they sell stamps at the checkout.  First of all, does Walmart even make a profit on stamps or is this just a bizarre lure to get you in the checkout line?   Second, stamps?!  I guess someone must have beat them to the punch on buggy whips and typewriters.

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Still trying to work out the logistics of owning a mini horse...

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Lightning The Queen is very popular at our house right now. He's the lesser known (and slightly more feminine) brother of Lightning McQueen.

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Something you HAVE TO DO today

From the 25,000 signatures needed there are already 49,703.

The point here is to show that we are not a vocal minority and that we have the right to be heard.

It would be great if, by the end of the day, we could have at least 55,000 signatures

Read + Spread + Share + ACT NOW! = Stop #SOPA

Tim Tebow quote of the day:

On the 7th game, God rested.

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Some of the lights on our pre-lit Christmas tree went out. After checking the fuse on the offending string, I determined the problem to be a bulb with a white base that couldn't be removed. Did some quick googling and found a whole page about this silly thing:

tl;dr - The bulb is designed not to be serviceable.

What kind of ridiculous design is that? It makes even less sense since they include replacement fuses and bulbs with the tree.

A big ಠ_ಠ for GE.
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