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An English version of my videos!
Videos in English! I initially thought of launching the videos only in French, as I was sure there was already more than enoughon Arctic races in English. Apparently it's not the case... So I am glad to announce the lauching of 3 free videos in English in O...

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Vidéo 1 - Atelier en 3 parties sur les courses polaires
Atelier gratuit en 3 parties sur la préparation des courses polaires et
arctiques! 1ère vidéo sur la description des courses, arctiques, à qui
elles s'adressent et la prépa générale. Suivront la préparation
spécifique, la préparation mentale et l'équipem...

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La première vidéo de l'atelier gratuit en 3 parties est en ligne!

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Watch my free videos! Ne manquez pas mes vidéos sur la préparation pour les courses arctiques et polaires! Entièrement gratuit!

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Lancement d'un atelier gratuit sur les Courses Polaires!
d'une série de 3 vidéos en français (!) sur les courses en milieu
arctiques et polaires! En attendant la publication de mon mon e-guide
pratique! Pour toutes celles et tous ceux qui souhaitent se lancer dans
une telle compétition, qui préparen...

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Hidden Slovenia - lesson #2 - Wisdom of the Animals - Sagesses animales
I planned to write this post a while ago. Then the terrible
events that happened to Milwyn and us a month ago postponed the publication.
For those who didn’t hear or read about it, here's the link to FB page. It actually gives a new and more profound dimens...

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Hidden Slovenia - Lesson #1 - Of horses and people / Des hommes et des chevaux
Foreword En introduction My project Hidden Slovenia has turned out to be a success. On many
levels and in different ways. Emotions. Adventures. People. Nature.
Culture. Personal growth. I had planned to write on the blog on a
regular basis during my trip...

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Our new travel!!

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Hidden Slovenia 2017
One woman, two dogs, one cat, one horse across Slovenia I had dreamt it. Then forgot about it as it seems to complicated. Then the idea came back. Doubts. Uncertainty. And finally, one day, it was obvious: Nyx and Milwyn helping me with packing I am going t...

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