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Knowledge Leads to Prosperity

CIU opens doors, especially for people without formal qualifications. Conventional and traditional universities like Harvard, Yale and Cornell in the US and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK set very high entry requirement for all their courses of study. Even their tuition fee is extremely high.

There are millions of students who simply cannot meet the entry requirement and tuition fee charged by the above institutions even though they are extremely bright students especially in South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.
This is the main reason why CIU advocates flexible entry requirement and charges moderate tuition fees to only cover its operating and research costs. This is also the reason why CIU did not seek any form of accreditation from any Licensed Accrediting Board or Organization in the US.

Licensed Accrediting Boards or Organizations in the US set extremely high requirements and they also charge extremely high accrediting fee for their License which CIU believe is nonconforming to CIU's higher education philosophy and policy.

CIU charges extremely low moderate tuition fee (for example if a student does a Bachelors program in Harvard, he or she may end up paying more than US$100,000.00, however if he or she does it with CIU, he or she only ends up paying less than 5% of the above costs).

Please visit for more info.

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