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Ehime Street Snap.
Factory and roadside flowers, small castle, harbor, etc.
It was a quiet city.

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On this island, a large number of cats are occurring. This island is called Cat Island.
There are lots of problems, but now I am crowded with cat fans.
The island passes by ferry from a sad port.

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I came to castle called Matsuyama Castle. It is the most famous castle in Shikoku.
This castle was built over 400 years ago (partly renovated).

Black and white castle is very beautiful.

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As you climb a lot of stairs and arrive at the top of the mountain there is a historic shrine.
However, there are too many souvenir shops and people...

And "Udon (Japanese Noodle)" was delicious in Kagawa Prefecture.

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I climbed the stairs about 1000 steps...
I was very tired, but the scenery was very beautiful.
I met a wild boar baby on the way down the mountain.

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This temple is a very big temple in Nagano.

This temple has a Harken Kreuz mark, but it is not a Nazi!
It is a mark that represents a temple in Japan.

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Nagano is a very interesting sightseeing spot, but may not be suitable for beginners travelers.
There is little transportation there.

But it is also interesting. It is a minor sightseeing spot in Japan.

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Monkey and Monkey Monkey and Monkey!
This is a park full of monkeys!

Monkeys are of course interesting, but the scenery is also very beautiful.

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Happy new year !!!

The Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park offers visitors the unique experience of seeing wild monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring!
There was also a baby baby monkeys! Everyone entered a warm hot spring and was very relaxed.

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I like snow and hot springs so I enjoyed this spa town very much.

You can walk from Shibu Onsen Spa to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park where you can see wild monkeys bathing in hot springs.
In the next post, upload photos of the Snow Monkey Park.
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