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Happy mailman day!

So - probably not going to be using Google+ much longer. At the moment I use Twitter more regularly, using the nick @shymega_ .

I can also by reached via email, preferably PGP/GPG encrypted. I can be reached via email at My PGP key is 78F96514D901B93F, but feel free to check first, you never know these days!

I can also be reached via IRC, on Freenode mostly with the nick shymega.

My blog is (at the time of writing, offline) at

It's been a pleasure on G+, I hope to keep in some form of communication.

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But we know, that it was us who scorched the skies
"We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI"

Think you've seen the latest in robomation? Maybe we just think we have, at least the majority of us. Skynet is now building its soldiers.

not sure if G+ has changed layout again, probably has
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