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My little soap box
I had such an interesting experience last week with FaceBook. I love FB just as much as the next person but...and this is a BIG BUT...I don't check my newsfeed (maybe the first few on there) and I don't check many pages. I get on facebook, make announcement...

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Cool places and Faces
One of my first trips out of the USA was to Holland. Amsterdam. Want to know where I am heading this weekend??? Amsterdam/Netherlands. I am having this de javu feel from the first time I left the country, to Amsterdam. So much has happened since then. Many ...

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Highs, lows, and bright lights of Zumba Instructor Convention
Convention seems like a faint memory now and before it's muddled with laundry, carpool and other nonsense I want to write my favorite things down. Even my not so favorite things as they are always here to help me grow and become stronger. Highlights: Family...
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