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Very handy...

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Congratulations you guys!

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Interesting summary of emerging technologies (in doc format)

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Scientists have created new kinds of particles, 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, that spontaneously assemble themselves into structures resembling molecules made from atoms.

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Is anyone playing Ingress?

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Online event later today if anyone is interested...

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Which technologies do you find most interesting here?

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• Group: PADNUG
• Subject: [PADNUG News] - 20130627 - July Meeting | What’s New in ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2013
Wow! A lot of great stuff came out of //build/ this week! It's a great time to be a Microsoft Dev!

We mentioned in the last PADNUG News, Hanselman is going to help us out next week with some post-//build/ content. We saw his presentation today and decided: the stage is his! The changes for .NET 4.5.1/VS 2013 are awesome! The line to see Scott's post-keynote session was a good quarter mile through the buildings!

Kelly and Rich will be there, too, to provide some perspective on other content from the show. Jeremy Foster and MJ Johnson will likely pop down to visit, too! If you want to know what it was like at //build/ this year, you will NOT want to miss this month's PADNUG!

What’s New in ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2013
It keeps getting better. Join Scott for an update on all the webby goodness coming in the next version of Visual Studio. We’ve got a new ASP.NET dialog, amazing CSS3 support, new scaffolding engine and an amazing new surprise code-named “Artery.” We’ll cover ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API 2, Web Forms, SignalR 2, and also learn about OWIN, ASP.NET identity improvements and much more!

Intel Hawthorne Farms 3 (HF3)
5200 NE Elam Young Pkwy
Hillsboro, OR 97124
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