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Amazing Article dude!!
There are plenty of stuff here that may find their way into my campaign. Here are a few mods I've made based on Realmslore - I've taken the material mostly from the Neverwinter Campaign Setting and R.A Salvatore's 'Neverwinter' trilogy. 

- I have thought of the Forge of Spells as a relic of ancient Netheril (the humans of the Phandelver pact were Netherese wizards) - which the Shadovar are quite interested in reclaiming.
- I've made Nezznar into a drow of house Xorlarrin - the main antagonist of House Baenre in Menzoberranzan politics. His purpose is to seize it and advance his house's position (and his own of course)
- Hamund Cost was in Old Owl Well to plan an excavation of Netherese ruins on behalf of the Red Wizards of Thay - to advance their war.
- I had Agatha share that the Necromancer Tsernov escaped instead in Iliyanbruen the hidden city of the Elves in the Feywild of Neverwinter Woods.
- I've made Linene Graywind, a shopkeeper in Phandalin, an agent of the 'Sons of Alagondar' - a nationalist group in Neverwinter. 

Most of the above are small hooks I'm dropping to my players and see what they might like to follow. 

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