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Combat Wombat!

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[Jane] Calling all Wombats! Who's playing in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend that is coming up? We should coordinate a time to meet so that we can group up and kick BOOT-AY.
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May as well, as I have gotten around to it finally with +Shannon Doyle 
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Combat Wombat!

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[Jane] I received a beta key for BattleSpace but I'm not really interested in it. Would anyone here like it?
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[Jane] I just checked my Yahoo account and I have a second beta key that I can give away. (Apparently, I have two Atlus accounts. I'm not surprised by that....)

So, if anyone else is interested, I have a second beta key to give away!
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Combat Wombat!

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[Jane] Yo, +Eric Redman! Do you mind if I add the AoC guild info to the Wombat page?
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Np at all My main will be Omuro the Bear Shaman.
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Combat Wombat!

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[Jane] Interesting! Aion has added this new Atreian Atlas thingy. By completing quests within the Atlas, you get goodies in-game.
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Holy crap! This is cool!
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Combat Wombat!

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[Jane] I've decided to take armorsmithing in Aion. So, I'm going to pop any non-armorsmithing crafting supplies that drop into the legion warehouse for the rest of you to use.
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Combat Wombat!

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Combat Wombat has arrived in Aion. Fear the marsupial! We carry fury in our furry, little pockets!
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Working on a wee priest named Oliandra. I'll add her to the profile, later. :)
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Combat Wombat!

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[Jane] So, Aion. What server and what side was everyone thinking about trying? Personally, I want to play Elyos, this time. I played Asmos when it launched and still have those characters...somewhere. (I don't know which server they were dumped in when servers merged. I haven't logged into the game, yet.) But, I want a change of scenery, this time around.
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[Jane] I got logged in and checked my characters. I now have 2...and I think my highest level character may have been deleted? I'm not sure. I was certain that I was up to the 20's but my Spiritmaster is level 13. Plus, all the quests are ones that I know I did before!

Of course, my account was hacked, at some point. So....yeah. It could be a product of that. :/

Anyway, I'm updating the profile with my character/server info!
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Combat Wombat!

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Groovy gaming for groovy people...and wombats.
Combat Wombat is a community of cross game, MMO players who wish to keep in touch no matter which game they are playing.

You'll find us to be a friendly, casual lot of folks. All we want out of our gaming is to have fun! So, the main rule here is "Have fun and don't be a dick." As long as you can abide by that, you're more than welcome to join our wacky crew of ne'er-do-wells!

So, where can you find us? Check below and you'll see a list of our guilds and character names. Now, keep in mind that we tend to be gaming magpies. All of us flit from game to game. So, you're not going to find a solid group of people who raid every Thursday or are working to take down that epic dungeon. What you will find, though are friendly people who will gladly lend a hand when you need, will chat and laugh with you and will understand if you need to jet because the dog barfed on your shoe or your child needs a story before bedtime.


Age of Conan: The Creeping Darkness, Set server - for invite, contact Omuro
Aion: Combat Wombat, Siel server, Asmos - for invite, contact Nytefeather (alternate, Elyos guild on Israphael)


Age of Conan
Arislyn (Jane Smith), Set server - demonologist

Omuro (Eric Redman), Set server - bear shaman

Arislyn (Jane Smith), Israphel server - Elyos ranger
Arislyn (Jane Smith), Siel server - Asmos warrior
Oliandra (Jane Smith), Siel server - Asmos chanter

Kaytte (Dusty Monk), Israphel server - Elyos Warrior
Nytefeather (Dusty Monk) Siel server, Asmo Scout

Durosih (Chris Smith), Israphel server - Elyos Priest
Elisah (Chris Smith), Israphel server - Elyos Scout

Ravach (Pete Smith) Siel Server, Asmo Warrior
City of Heroes
Global handle: @darkcandle, Virtue Server, Blue side
Global handle: @scopique, Champion Server, Red side
Global handle: @arislyn, Virtue server, Blue side
Diablo 3
PStroud#1789 (Pam Stroud)
Traellan#1318  (Pete Smith)
Scopique#1180 (Chris Smith)
Scarybooster#1628 (Aaron Couture)
Arislyn#1973 (Jane Smith)
Stargrace#1783 (Stephanie Morrow)
DarkParagon#1292 (Robert Anderson)

EverQuest 2
Arysh - Warden (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Seduit - Illusionist (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Ishbel - Coercer (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Ellithia - Troubador (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Faralithe - Bruiser (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Blesse - Defiler (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Petites - Inquisitor (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Jacquotte - Swashbuckler (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Seduisant - Shadowknight (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Mrorow)
Cachaille - Beastlord (Antonia Bayle, RP) (Stephanie Morrow) 

Guild Wars
Bruschetta Delores (Jane Smith)
Noir Ria (Jazz White)
Traellan Wolfcaller (Pete Smith)
Sinestra Embers (Pam Stroud)
Kaytte Harmony (Dusty Monk)
Silhouette Reveur (Stephanie Morrow)
Lexa Nightsong (Robert Anderson)

Guild Wars 2
Vallis.7021 (Pam Stroud) User ID
Dlangar.1539 (Dusty Monk) User ID
arislyn.5129 (Jane Smith) User ID
Stargrace.4917 (Stephanie Morrow) User ID
paragon.5241 (Robert Anderson) User ID
girlvsmmo.4631 (Jazz White) User ID
Oakstout.9602 (Paul Zelano) User ID
Scopique.6107 (Scopique) User ID
pasmith.8104 (Pete Smith)

Seduisant - Cleric - Guardian - Fayblight (Stephanie Morrow)
Blesse - Mage - Guardian - Fayblight (Stephanie Morrow)
Kameeko - Scout - Guardian - Fayblight (Stephanie Morrow)
Arysh - Warrior - Guardian - Fayblight (Stephanie Morrow) 
Anvila (Jane Smith), Arispotle server
Star Trek Online
Global handle: @Scopique; Kermoon Olivar, Engineer
The Secret World
Ellithia "Minxes" Reveur, Templar, Arcadia (RP) (Stephanie Morrow)
Quin "Quinora" Stormguard, Templar, Arcadia (Robert Anderson)

Kaytte (Dusty Monk), Yseris server, Alliance Warrior
Shimmerblade (Dusty Monk), Yseris server, Alliance Rogue
(Hit me up or send mail to either of those characters with your G+ name and I'll happily share my RealID! )
Ellithia, Argent Dawn, Alliance Priest (send mail with your G+ name and I will add to RealID) (Stephanie Morrow)
Minxes, Argent Dawn, Alliance Warlock (Stephanie Morrow)
Arysh, Argent Dawn, Alliance Shaman (Stephanie Morrow)
Velours, Argent Dawn, Alliance Paladin (Stephanie Morrow)
Seduisant, Argent Dawn, Alliance Rogue (Stephanie Morrow)
Kitten, Argent Dawn, Alliance Druid (Stephanie Morrow)
Alyannia, Earthen Ring, Horde Warlock (Jazz White)
Natayla Argent Dawn, Alliance Paladin (Robert Anderson) (send mail with your G+ name and I will add to RealID) 

Keliel (Chris Smith)

Jona - Varanjar Ranger (Chris Smith)
Sulka - Thestran Ranger (Chris Smith)
Jeliel Jackeen - Thestran Cleric (Chris Smith)
Arislyn - Thestran Paladin (Jane Smith)
Oliandra - Qualithari Bard (Jane Smith)
Zarain - Halfling Necromancer (Jane Smith)
Amareyn - Kurashasa Warrior (Jane Smith)
Faydai - Blood mage (Mineralogist) (Stephanie Morrow)
Arysh - Warrior (Weaponsmith) (Stephanie Morrow)
Velours - Shaman (Tailor) (Stephanie Morrow)
Ishbel - Psionicist (Armourer) (Stephanie Morrow)
Stargrace - Disciple (Leatherworker) (Stephanie Morrow)
Minxes - Bard (Carpenter) (Stephanie Morrow)

3DS Friend Codes

Stephanie Morrow: 0731-5491-6885
Jane Smith: 4167-5117-0221