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Combat Wombat!
Groovy gaming for groovy people...and wombats.
Groovy gaming for groovy people...and wombats.


[Jane] Calling all Wombats! Who's playing in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend that is coming up? We should coordinate a time to meet so that we can group up and kick BOOT-AY.

[Jane] I've decided to take armorsmithing in Aion. So, I'm going to pop any non-armorsmithing crafting supplies that drop into the legion warehouse for the rest of you to use.

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Combat Wombat has arrived in Aion. Fear the marsupial! We carry fury in our furry, little pockets!

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[Jane] I received a beta key for BattleSpace but I'm not really interested in it. Would anyone here like it?

[Jane] Yo, +Eric Redman! Do you mind if I add the AoC guild info to the Wombat page?

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[Jane] Interesting! Aion has added this new Atreian Atlas thingy. By completing quests within the Atlas, you get goodies in-game.

[Jane] So, Aion. What server and what side was everyone thinking about trying? Personally, I want to play Elyos, this time. I played Asmos when it launched and still have those characters...somewhere. (I don't know which server they were dumped in when servers merged. I haven't logged into the game, yet.) But, I want a change of scenery, this time around.

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