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Matthew Devost
Technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert.
Technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert.

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Cyber Terrorism and the Innovation Gap

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I’m hopeful the content of this CTO Vision podcast is interesting enough for you to spend 18 minutes listening.  Topic was Future of Cyber Security.

One thought that occurred to me.  Google Reader is the reason why my gmail account is always logged in on my browser which makes it easy to access other services like Google+ without thinking about it.  With no reason to log into Gmail, I'll bet that my engagement in other related services on that account drops down to zero.

Is it just me or is there no longer a way to +1 Google search results.

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Google Account migration nightmare continues. My analytics account seems to have disappeared. Impossible to submit a support request as it is not considered a CORE service in Google Apps. Really regretting my dependence on Google these days as they do not have their act together. That analytics account is used to track over two doze sites.

Not sure what to do at this point, except start a new account and migrate everything which would be a full days worth of work.

Finally was able to upgrade my Google account, which means my profile, plus, etc all migrated to a NEW email address and Google account that I did not want!

Wow, this Google account migration issue is one of the biggest technology clusterFs I've ever encountered. I have a apps account and gmail account both used with the same email address and now they need to by merged. However, you can move all the services including several like adwords, adsense, feedburner, etc. that are critical business apps for me.

Nor can you merge the data into an already existing Google account. You must create a new Google account to hold all the services that can not be merged (which also loses the cross service integration). However, I can' create the new Google account to move the content into right now. It gives an error every time.

Unbelievable that this type of screw-up is occurring with a major internet company like Google.

Plus really needs a way to mute a person without blocking them. I'd still like to be friends and browse directly to their stream every now and then, but don't want their posts to comprise 95% of my daily stream. Possible?
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