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Fact and Dimension Relationship
Following are the four different types of relationships between a Cube Dimension and a Measure Group: Regular: In a Regular relationship, primary key column of a dimension is directly connected to the fact table. This type of relationship is similar to the ...

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 What do we mean by dataflow in SSIS? Data flow is nothing but the flow of data from the corresponding sources to the referred destinations. In this process, the data transformations make changes to the data to make it ready for the data warehouse. • What i...

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What are types of storage modes and Explain
There are three
standard storage modes in OLAP applications 1.        MOLAP 2.        ROLAP 3.        HOLAP   MOLAP MOLAP (Multi dimensional Online
Analytical Processing) : MOLAP is the most used storage type. Its designed to
offer maximum query performance...

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What is use of AttributeHierarchyOrdered ?
whether the associated attribute hierarchy is ordered. The default value is True .  if
an attribute hierarchy will not be used for querying, you can save processing
time by changing the value of this property to False.  

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