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Dave Self
I'd rather be geocaching.
I'd rather be geocaching.

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"Get the body you've always wanted! We know where it is buried and can lend you a shovel."
-from the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

Ask your doctor if left is right for you. 

One incorporeal being said to the other, "I'm not here, too, make friends."

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Men - Are you present with your wife? Or are you paying too much attention to your phone, hobbies, the past or the future to be with her now?

Is anyone familiar with current Cub Scout geocaching awards of any kind? The Sports and Academic (belt loop) program ended on December 31. I'm taking a friend's Wolf Den caching in a couple weeks. They are mainly looking to accomplish their 1 mile hike requirement, but I figure if we're going to geocache, I should make sure they get anything they might be able to earn.

PRAYER REQUEST - Please keep my friend and his daughter ("LGC") in your prayers today. She's currently in surgery to remove a mass from her brain. Something she's been battling most of her young life. Thank you.

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1982 NFC Championship game - Skins vs Cowboys.

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Can't wait for next Monday night! #HTTR

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Pretty cool!

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Just watched Star Trek Renegades.  Set in 2388 (a bit after any official Star Trek shows / movies), but includes some familiar faces.  Thought it was pretty good and worth recommending.  Check it out.
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