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Never Change!
I mean,
really.   Change is scary.   It might lead to success or even
recognition.   Change does strange things
to us. I’m going to
write about my horse now.  Please bear
with me, prepare to saddle up, don’t go wandering off into the sunset, try to
shoe a p...

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In recent years, the debate over immigration in the United
States has been epic.  There are few
places in the heavily populated regions of this country where you don’t run
into foreign-born people working at jobs. 
We see people in all lower-paid areas of t...

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I was
recently elected to the board of our wine makers’ club.  The meeting was held while I was on vacation
and it was suggested that if I wished, I was welcome to send a campaign speech
to be read by one of the members.  My speech
consisted of two paragrap...

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They met in
college and dated for their final two years. 
He was a long way from home.  His
parents didn’t have enough money to visit during the school year so he never
got the chance to introduce her to them. 
Consequently, the surprise was even bigger, th...

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The American Dream
I have
listened to a lot of radio since the election. 
I’ve read a lot of articles online and heard all sorts of opinions
too.  It helps to have perspective.  Sometimes, it even helps to have a little
knowledge when forming an opinion.  I
also have the rare...

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The Easy Way Out
It seems like the popular thing to do these days is
to ask rich people to pay more taxes.  I
hear the shouts that ‘They don’t pay enough!” 
As a former CPA who did a lot of very rich peoples’ tax returns, I can
tell you that those people will never pay as l...

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Out in the woods
Today we get a story, fun, and an observation.      A good friend, Pete, has a small vineyard in his
back yard.  He grows about a ton of
grapes each year and when harvest time comes around, it is an excuse to have a
big party that he calls the “Grape Stomp”...

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No Shows
Toby Keith wrote a song called “How Do You Like Me
Now?”  It’s about the one thing that
every single nerdy high school boy who has been stood up, laughed at or
otherwise belittled at the hand of the beautiful Prom Queen.  Oh, don’t forget the girlfriend, or...

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Play it Safe!
One of my
friend’s sons is studying ‘Entrepreneurship’ in college.   He wants to get a degree in it.   I am happy that the university is offering an
opportunity to study something besides Neo-European Obscure Literature in Funny
Languages, although I unders...

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businesses tend to have short life cycles. 
According to an article in American Express’ Open Forum , only thirty percent of family-owned
businesses make it to the second generation and only thirteen percent make it
three generations.  The likelihood...
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