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For Nine Hundred a Month you’d think that…
I pay $900 per month for health insurance.   For
that I get a high deductible followed by a thirty percent co-pay that eventually
tops out at $4,000 (in network).   Most years
I don’t make the deductible amount because I’m afraid to go to the doctor.  I bel...
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Are we done yet?
A friend and I were discussing the Bible recently.   I wondered why nothing has been
added to it in so many centuries and suggested that perhaps it was time for
another chapter or two.   She told me that
it was complete as written and that there was nothing...
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The Hard Sell
graduating college I was hired as a department manager for a large retail chain
that no longer exists.   Our store was not
terribly successful so we experienced a certain amount of manager
turnover.   During my
final week as a department manager, we w...
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Who's there?
We have been
so busy making every child college ready that we neglected to provide those
budding managers with one important thing.   We forgot to make sure that there were enough working employees who
could be managed. I have had a
help-wanted ad on Craigs...
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I have no words
I’ve been
struggling for the past two months to write a blog on expectations.  I’ll finish that one sooner or later.  In the meantime I was just handed a subject
for a blog last Friday.  It was dressed
in a tuxedo, given a brand new haircut and freshly shav...
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celebrated the 25 th year of Team Mates with a big party last month.  I invited all of our local customers, many of
our suppliers and some colleagues within the ASI industry.  I enticed them with the promise of my
homemade wine, some fabulous barbecue an...
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I just sent
a text message to my friend.   “What tome
is jut?”   That went over well.   How about “Happy Bitch Day”?   That one worked well, too.   When I read
the text exchanges that people post on Facebook, I laugh along with everyone
else, and then sit b...
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This morning
I didn’t go out to feed the horses at their regular time.  I didn’t think that it was important to get
out there because they are mostly on pasture now and don’t eat a lot of hay any
more.  I figured that being late would
not be an issue. I lea...
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Never Change!
I mean,
really.   Change is scary.   It might lead to success or even
recognition.   Change does strange things
to us. I’m going to
write about my horse now.  Please bear
with me, prepare to saddle up, don’t go wandering off into the sunset, try to
shoe a p...
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In recent years, the debate over immigration in the United
States has been epic.  There are few
places in the heavily populated regions of this country where you don’t run
into foreign-born people working at jobs. 
We see people in all lower-paid areas of t...
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