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When a graphic designer decides to make a present for a friend, sometimes you end up with something pretty cool, like a version of the classic board game Guess Who? illustrated with characters from Pulp Fiction and delivered in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase. If you're a board game lover, a Tarantino fan, or both, take a moment to check out Joe Stone's handiwork!
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Hello Dice Guys followers! Michael here with some news:

First, I want to thank everyone for staying on as a follower! Hopefully you're checking in now and then or this will make it into your feeds.

It's been forever since we've done anything, and apologies for that. It ended up the last half of last year was huge for me, seeing as how I got married (note the name change) and then dealt with immigration, a move to a new apartment, and several other things. The other half of the Dice Guys, +Jason Spargur , had his share of big changes and events to maneuver through as well. It ended up building the Dice Guys into the huge bowl of fun we wanted wasn't in the cards or the dice last year.

However, through it all we've kept talking and planning and figuring out how to get the Dice Guys podcast and website moving once more! Michael has a job change coming soon which will do a lot to fix scheduling problems. So plans are:

1. A website redesign for relaunch. Nothing fancier; probably cleaner.
2. Our 30-40 minute podcast starting off every two weeks, then moving again to weekly. Another option is the biweekly 30-40 minute cast and weekly 5-10 minute quickie casts.
3. Video. We're thinking it's time to get our ugly mugs out there, plus we'd like to begin some on location video reporting/blogging which means we have to get used to the idea of seeing ourselves on the screen. The goal, except for certain special reports, would be these would be listenable as audio also, so you could still just listen in the car during commute or something.

So, don't give up on us yet! We still play games and still want to gab about them, and we'll try to make some regular updates here as to progress.

Thank you all again for your patience (or just leaving us in your list until whenever)!
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We still haven't forgotten. The hiatus is just very very long. Sorry about that. Sometimes life happens. In the case of one Dice Guy (+Michael Lewis ) life happening means dealing with immigration and the State Department to bring a very special woman to the US and inflict his gaming addiction on her for life. :) (Obtaining a visa has ended up being a much longer ordeal than I thought. We're beyond the average time now. :( )

+Jason Spargur and I have many plans and ideas that we're putting together. We'll resurrect the podcast and the site within the next month or so. We're both eager to do something as soon as things settle a little bit more.

Thank you all for staying subscribed to our page, and we hope you stick around for the coming restart!
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We're not gone. We haven't forgotten. We're just reorganizing lives and refiguring how to put fun stuff like this back into our schedules. Jason has a number of family issues going on, and Mike is busy trying to get his fiancee to the US and begin family issues. Hopefully in August and September, we'll be able to take some small steps toward being back in the podcast business, though.

Keep your eyes and ears on this page and our website, and thanks for hanging in there!
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The Dice Guys love Tabletop Forge for G+ Hangouts, and we wish it lots of luck with the Kickstarter funding!
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Tabletop Forge goes KickStarter

Tabletop Forge is a free app that lets people play role playing games in Google+ Hangouts. You can play face to face, roll dice, load maps, draw on the screen, chat and much more.

The Forge works well now, but it could be so much better.

With the money we raise through KickStarter, we will license art, maps, tokens, adventures and campaigns from indie designers like Jonathan Roberts, Devin Night, Steve Russell and Tavis Allison to name just a few. We'll hire graphic designers to help with the interface, and we'll add all sorts of cool features like a Photoshop-style mapping tool to let you draw maps, add objects and hide unexplored regions.

Most of the money we raise will go right back into the community to support game designers, writers and artists. All of it will go into building a tool to help everyone play online.

So come join us. Toss in a few GP and help us forge something awesome.
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All right, this really has nothing to do with World of Warcraft despite what the article title says. It is, however, a kind of LARPing wand: the wand talks to your phone via Bluetooth and gives you your character stats and all as you battle by casting "spells" via the wand.

Hey, it can't be much more weird than having a bluetooth earpiece and walking around looking like you're talking to yourself.
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In the latest podcast, +Jason Spargur and +Michael Lewis ponder movies that could make good board games. We come to the conclusion it's all been done, so all these "Board Game Movie" articles around the internet need to just stop. Whether it's a movie becoming a board game or vice versa, the themes have just all been done.

Or have they? Feel free to share your ideas of what movies could make great board games here! Or just discuss what movies are already similar to what board games. Have fun!
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Yes, we have skipped a number: #23 is coming soon, but #24 is here now! This time around, Jason and Mike do a bit of whining about the state of board game news. It's all Liam Neeson's fault. There is some video game news, though, in the form of a demon deluge: Blizzard's Diablo III. And thanks to Neeson, we only have a couple of Brain Flakes and a whole lot of talk about a stupid Battleship movie. Still have a Game Pick of Every Other Week, though! Enjoy!
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More News

Wha--? Wait? What? A new post in The Dice Guys? Why, yes. Yes it is.

You don't want all the sordid details of why we took an unannounced hiatus. No need to go into the amazing trip I had to Bogota, Colombia, or how overworked +Jason Spargur has been, or even the army of pygmy marmosets that took over the studio and wouldn't let us in until we forked over all our tree gum.

What you do need to know is that we have a new podcast about ready to post, we're meeting tomorrow (May 18th) to work on another podcast and determine more about just where we want to go with this thing, and the Mayans really did plan beyond 2012. No, really. Archaeologists have found a new calendar that stretches on for thousands of years. So, they had plenty of time lined up; they just didn't plan for those bloody conquistadors.

What I'm trying to say is if the Mayans can have that much optimism, so can we -- and so can you. Stick with us as we adjust, plan and scheme. Help us scheme if you'd like! I think we'll be able to get around the conquistadors and make something of this place.

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with us and checking in now and then!
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Gotta reshare this to our Dice Guys circles. (Yes, we still exist. More news coming soon!)
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