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Jamina “Gingle Lists” Ward
Severe FOMO disorder spurring me on to make the most of London.
Severe FOMO disorder spurring me on to make the most of London.

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I have moved
A little while ago I decided that to make the most of the Listings page I was trying to keep on top of, I should move to a better platform. And I've decided to move my blog posts there too. So, while it doesn't look like much is going on here, you can still...

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Cellar Door, 10th November
It took me about five years to actually get to Cellar Door
and it was a total anticlimax. The space itself is pretty cool – it’s a
repurposed public toilet in the middle of Aldwych. You’d never know it was
there unless you knew it was there. Downstairs they...

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Dum Biryani House, 10th November
I was unexpectedly contacted by Dhruv, the man behind DUM
Biryiani, newly opened in Soho, inviting me to review the place. He said he
liked my blog – clearly he has good taste, which boded well for his new
restaurant. Dum might sound like an odd choice for ...

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Star at Night (London Gin Club), 9th November
I don’t know why I was so taken aback by the amount of gin
the London GIN Club had but it was a little overwhelming – how was I to choose?
So many gins. ALL the gins. To be mixed with Fever Tree tonic (natch) and
interesting little garnishes – like plum, or...

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Where the Pancakes Are, 8th October
Weekends to me mean brunch, and brunch very often means
pancakes. The fluffy American kind (even though I’m a lover of the thin,
English kind too). When I saw Where the Pancakes Are had opened up I was
delighted. They’ve set up in the newly created area tha...

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Souvlaki Street, 5th October
I came across Souvlaki Street in a blog post by Little
London Observationist where she said she regularly indulges in their souvlaki
when she rarely visits the same place twice. I am much the same – even if I
really like a place, there’s always somewhere ne...

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Hill & Szrok and The Gibson, 28th September
There’s very little point in going to Hill & Szrok if
you don’t eat meat. They started as a Butchery and cookshop in Broadway market
and their pub is pretty much an excuse to show off the meat they butcher.
Having said that, there are a few sides which are ...

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Fanny Nelson's, 22nd September
I had a plan. I would try three libations of each sort on
offer – one cocktail, one wine and one draught beverage. But best laid plans
and all that… I did not stay long enough to complete the mission. Nor was I
able to try as much of the food as I would hav...

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Padella, 19th September
I’ve been itching to get to Padella. I never used to be a
huge pasta fan, but ever since having some silky smooth and buttery pasta at
Vasco and Piero, I have been searching for other Italian places to give me the
same experience (preferably for less money)...

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Walluc, 1st September
Well, that was the worst meal I’ve had in recent memory. I didn’t think you could go far wrong with dipping things in
melted cheese but Walluc is here to prove otherwise. I had high hopes –
suspecting that it might be a rather overlooked gem on Redchurch st...
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