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JRC - 
Of course I love you even if you are a nerd.  So....when you called, Leonardo was sitting on me....doing this...he started to clean his rear end and I said, "" so he got down.  See what fun you are missing!!
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I had to restart my computer.  This article/blog is a good compilation of the Southwest Effect. looks fake-ish to me because I noticed a typo:
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I agree when it comes to artwork...certain works will not appeal to everyone.  C'est la vie...
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Oh Joy... I bet you a quarter that people will try to use these electronic devices on the plane saying they are approved.  I will be all...I do not have any rule other than "follow all flight attendant instructions aka do everything I say" 

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My husband is all about perfection in his work.  The enginerd in me approves.
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Hi David Steg - my actual cousin.  Thanks for +1-ing my photos!!!
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"It must be emphasised that we cannot tell whether the potential objects are from MH370. Nevertheless, this is another new lead that will help direct the search operation," Mr Hishammuddin said.

Read more:
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has tweeted that three objects have been spotted in the search in the southern Indian Ocean.
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Glider Drawing
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Amazing blog/photos...the second to last Sunrise photo actually made my heart stand still... Amazing...

Favorite part of the blog:

"Doing as a partner in marriage is finding time in our busy schedule for each other.
Being as a partner in marriage is when time stands still when we are together.
Doing as an individual is occupying yourself with activities that help us escape from our fears, vulnerability and weaknesses.
Being as an individual is showing society our fears, vulnerability and weaknesses so that it may positively impact others. By being, we become a slice of humanity where we are drawn together as one."

Amazing Job, Torrey Shannon!!!
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I bet you 2 dollars that I will not get called today.  I plan to fake shop and look at pretty things and eat all day!!!
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Visit - tell them I sent you...

"Voir Voir — up to 75% off
Dresses, dresses, dresses! Women inspired by feminine and sophisticated shapes can never have enough dresses hanging in the closet. This collection of classic silhouettes, pops of color and patterns galore is perfect for any occasion. From first dates to fifth ones, from brunch with the girls to Caribbean cruises, these fantastic frocks have you covered in timeless style."

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Did you know this might be the most disgusting thing on #ScienceSunday  
I love looking at colorful frogs at the zoo and hop the glass separating us never breaks.

More info at:

#ScienceSunday +ScienceSunday #frogs #PoisonDartFrog 
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February 2005 - Memory Tools

I helped pass out malaria nets in the mountains of Kenya. 

This is also the time frame that John had his PRK surgery. 
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I fly & sleep
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I'm at the Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center on the WiFi reading the comments about the internet not working. I haven't had any trouble at all and the internet speeds are pretty fast. Great hotel, wonderful location and very friendly helpful staff. Not the newest hotel you will find in your travels but it has clean, comfortable rooms with many great places to eat and shop in walking distance.
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