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Interesting part on VR - 5 Things To Look Out For In The eGaming Market in 2016

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Trying a new conference this year: Ungagged in London in May:

Some very good sessions on site speed and automation. Also, will be interesting to see which grey hat tactics people apply these days. Usually lots of creativity here.

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Beware the Seductive Startup Language

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A lot of people place bets without considering if they get the right odds. Not because they don't know that they should calculate if the odds are right. But because it's a slow and annoying process.

Therefore +Florent Segouin and I created a little iOS app called Betting Odds Calculator. The app will ask you who you think will win and how likely it is that your selected team will win. The app will tell you your minimum acceptable odds and show you the current odds at bet365. Based on this, the app will recommend if you should bet or not.

Read more:
Itunes store:

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Here is a list of Traits of High Quality Content According to Google Quality Raters from the leaked quality raters guide:

“There are Ads, but it does not interfere with the MC on the page.”
“Ads are clearly labeled as Ads.”

“login functionality, as well as clear information about what the user is logging into”

“The calculator is functional and easy to use.”
“The page design allows users to easily find the recipe.”
“The tabs should be considered part of the MC.”

Credibility, reputation & expertise 
“an example of everyday expertise. “
“documented her extensive experimentation “
“ Since the page is on the official… website, it is highly authoritative.”
“It’s Wikipedia article tells us…”
“ In addition to the article itself, there are many helpful references and citations to support the content.”
“This is a blog post on a newspaper which has won over 100 Pulitzer Prize awards. “
“It has a positive reputation”
“has a positive reputation, though it is not an acknowledged expert in… ”

“The website is one of the most popular recipe websites.”
“with more than 6.5 million views (and counting)”
“some of them have user reviews”

Professionalism & Quality
“This is a high quality, professionally produced video”
Interaction & User generated content
“ There is a lot of discussion and interaction between forum members”

“While the 2007 copyright date is outdated, most of the pages, including this one, have recent updates from 2014.”

“detailed Customer Service information on the site”

What is the best platform for getting users to quality rate different versions of a content piece?

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My 2014 World Cup prediction - Germany to win!

Is it possible to add multiple "Geographic targets" for subfolders in Google Webmaster Tools? So is set to geotarget Germany, while is set to geotarget Sweden? Or can there only be one?

CC +Gianluca Fiorelli +Aleyda Solis 

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Brilliant. Changing the Russian olympics logo from bear to  dog with two dots.

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Clever marketing and package design by +Sony: Sony sells its waterproof mp3 player inside a bottle of water!vq0FG
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