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Older woman outside of Best Buy this morning, just before the store opened, had all sorts of opinions to share about these darned smartphone things.

"Look at everyone looking down at their phones, no one talking to each other about anything."

"In 30 years when you all need surgery from all that looking down and terrible posture, you'll all be shocked that your gadgets were the cause."

"Those things are why kids get in so many accidents nowadays, they ought to be illegal in the car. "

You, madam, are everything wrong with this conversation.

First of all, I pulled my phone out because you wandered up to the door with a desktop in your hand, muttering all the way across the parking lot about how broken it was. I wasn't interested in engaging you on how terrible you thought this device was, so when you mentioned how much you hated Windows 8 I pulled my phone out and turned away. Your self-proclaimed tech ignorance wasn't going be fixed in this parking lot, and I don't know you nearly well enough to listen to your complaints on purpose.

I find it fascinating that no one ever told me holding a book in the exact way I hold my phone was bad for my posture. I'm tempted to get a case for my phone that makes it look like I'm holding a paperback, just to see what happens. As for my posture, I'm well aware it could be better.

The accidents comment, though, really set me off. Blaming the smartphone, and not the behavior, is embarrassing. These drivers haven't been taught proper respect for the massive vehicle they are currently controlling, and everyone around them paid the price. How dare you blame some imaginary addiction for an lack of personal responsibility?

Acting like technology is the problem is flawed on the face of it. A lazy answer and a cheap excuse at best.

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If you live in the stone ages, yes, you'd find it 'an addiction'. Let me guess: you hated Google Glass when it came out, too, right? Machine-human merger is coming, grampa, so hold on to your corn-cob pipe.
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Kevin G Haskell

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Bill Nye apparently thinks he is some sort of God. Lol. ;)
Don't agree with The Science Guy? You are Unpatriotic!

In his continued attempt to discredit anyone who dares to disagree with him on issues such as global warming and evolution, Bill Nye recently used an excerpt from the U.S. Constitution to suggest his detractors are inherently unpatriotic.
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The entire run of OMNI Magazine is available for free.
From Wikipedia: OMNI was a science and science fiction magazine published in the US and the UK. It contained articles on science fact and short works of science fiction. The first issue was published in October 1978, the last in Winter 1995, with an internet version lasting until 1998. OMNI was...
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Yes, Zoltan Istvan is a problem for Transhumanism, and if I didn't know better, I'd say he was trying to kill it intentionally. It also reflects poorly on those publicly supporting him. I left Transhumanism a couple of years ago because I didn't like the anti-tech direction it was moving, so because I support technological progress so much, I remained 'Transhumanist-associated' because I know there are still a lot of people who are dedicated to the tech, and share good info. Not long after that, Zoltan Istvan parachuted into the movement, which is still new to him and he is still feeling his way around, started professing quite a bit of fascistic ideas, and began attacking Christians.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if one is trying to build a party, regardless of one's personal beliefs, don't you try to win the majority of people over, not make your new party something to be attacked by that majority before it gets going? He's also making those of us who are atheists look bad, so, he's bad for atheists, too.

Michelle Cameron, I'm not sure what you are talking about regarding his pro-American rhetoric, but he 'is' running for U.S president, so what do you expect? But FWIW, he is connected to a global network of Transhumanist Parties that, in each, are no doubt pushing how great their own country is, so in whichever country you're in, I'm sure there is a candidate for your pro- "fill in country's name here".

Matthew Price, Ayn
Rand advocated that the people who had the creative brains and drive be able to keep what they earned, but advocated small government and publicly denounced violence as the resort to mindlessness. Zoltan Istvan is advocating a murderous, Machiavellian, dictatorial regime in which High-tech would be the method of murder and enslavement. The two names should not be used in the same sentence. Dorothy Deasy, everything you wrote is correct.
I got beat up quite a bit for my recent Huff Post atheist article, but the conversation and awareness of my presidential campaign is growing. There's nearly 600 comments on this Facebook release from Western Journalism, a conservative libertarian site: and
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I was one of the first two people to have noted it about Rand after having read the very first review in H+ Magazine, but because I was only going by the review, I called it a 'Left-Wing version of Ayn Rand' and he saw the comment, as did others. It wasn't long before other people started asking him if he was a supporter of Ayn Rand, and he first said yes, and that she had been an influence on him, but in subsequent similar questions, when he found he was getting negative feedback, he distanced himself from her and then began insulting her and association with her works.

The fact is, the only reason I thought what I thought at the time, was because, like Rand, he was advocating selfishness (rational self-interest) and that technological innovators change society for the better, again, like Rand. However, what I did not know was that his character of Jethro Knights, whom he says is basically him, advocated genocidal warfare in order for a technocratic elite to place the planet under some Machiavellian enslavement and rule. Now he is actually going around and expousing his ideas and using his book like it's own "Mein Kampf".

Had I known this when the review was first being discussed,at H+ Magazine, 'that's' more or less what I would have have written, and Machiavellian is closer to what Wikipedia should read. To call him Rand-like in any sense gives him a name to hide behind which many people around the world greatly admire, 'as an innovative intellectual', I might add, and one who did not advocate violence or even political involvement. Remember, Wikipedia is written by collaboration, and a person can be made to look great or horrible, depending on whose doing the most inputs and edits.

To sell articles and books, and gain self-recognition for future endeavours (the Transhumanist Party won't happen, but crazies in both major parties may certainly pick up some of the darker material being pushed, and I know he is already echoing many of the actual elites out there), he is putting real barriers between people where none seriously exist, and he is essentially putting atheists, supporters of technological progress as it regards the human body, as well as the LGBT community on his front lines.
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Kevin G Haskell

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Kevin G Haskell

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At an event in Paris, Google apparently showed off a brand-new feature of the search app that is aware of your current location in relation to your queries... by David Ruddock in Applications, News
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Neuroscience News originally shared to Memory:
Researchers Reactivate Lost Memories With Optogenetics

Full article at

Memories that have been “lost” as a result of amnesia can be recalled by activating brain cells with light.

The research is in Science. (full access paywall)

Research: "Engram cells retain memory under retrograde amnesia" by Tomás J. Ryan, Dheeraj S. Roy, Michele Pignatelli, Autumn Arons, and Susumu Tonegawa in Science doi:10.1126/science.aaa5542

Image: The research dissociates the mechanisms used in memory storage from those of memory retrieval. Image credit: Christine Daniloff/MIT.

#neuroscience   #memory   #optogenetics  
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