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O Oakwalker
Founder/Teacher/Consultant at WISDMM .
Founder/Teacher/Consultant at WISDMM .

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This was worth eve minute, and hilarious. 

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A bar on 5th St. Dedicated to Johnny Cash. Mellow vibe.

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Please +1 if you have ever heard me referred to as Oakwalker. Google has decided that it is not a valid name because I have no following under that name. Now, I ask you, how am I supposed to get a following under that name if I'm not allowed to use it? The judge approved it. The driver's license people approved. The Social Security Administration approved. The credit union approved, and I'll sign all of my checks that way until my body dies. (After that, I think I'll stick around a little while and harass the fool who thinks that he or she is more valid than all of these organizations combined.) All I'm asking is to have two words at the top of this page converted to one: Oakwalker. They have refused two appeals. Just how much power over others does Google think that they have? Is coercion one of their core values? That would explain their blind support of the war-mongering Chamber of Commerce lobbyists. Please help me get my name changed and "like" or whatever it is that we do on this site. Thank you.

Today, I am legally and officially named Oakwalker.

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My own son did this. I think it's WAY cool.
I love this extension. Its great for learning turkish :)

Our word ‘‘human’’ comes from the ...
root dhghem, meaning simply ‘‘earth.’’
The most telling cognate word is
‘‘humus,’’ the primary product
of microbial industry. ... It gives a new
... spin to the old cliché for an
apology: ‘‘Sorry, I’m only human.’’

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typical for Texas. This is a state, so proud of its many businesses that do not provide benefits, deny workman's comp claims and any other form of assistance for workers injured in pursuit of their agendas, and respond when the unemployed suffer by kicking them while they're down.
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