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Hanon Ondricek
Interactive Fiction enthusiast and author
Interactive Fiction enthusiast and author

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AXMA Story Maker 5
I've long been a fan of AXMA Story Maker , a Russian-developed hypertext choice narrative engine that is very similar to Twine. I used an early version to write Devil's Food , a speed-Ectocomp entry in three hours. AXMA is now up to version 5, and despite i...

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Undiscovered Bugs
Someone on the forums with the handle "lister" decided to industriously tag all the IFComp games on IFDB, so of course, I vainly searched to see where mine had placed over time. Finally on about page seven of hundreds of games, Transparent showed up. I gave...

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Fair Postmortem Available
I was exceedingly thrilled for my IFComp entry Fair to place 7th this year (woo! top 10!). I have finally written a postmortem which is posted on my blog. Since it's exceedingly long and spoilery, I chose not to push the entirety of it to Planet IF. You can...

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FAIR - Postmortem
After last year's Comp, and writing two ambitious games that nobody saw the back half of, I swore that I'd design my next game so that everyone would get to the ending. I'd build it slick like a water slide so people couldn't get stuck if they tried. My bra...

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Another Rulebook Post (Inform 7)
I wrote last week about getting over the fear of rulebooks in Inform 7, specifically by not using the all-powerful INSTEAD to accomplish everything.  After I read over the post, I remembered one of my specific hangups using rulebooks occurred because I was ...

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Instead of Instead (Inform 7)
Inform 7 allows an author to accomplish things in many different ways.  It's easy enough to make a dungeon full of rooms and doors and containers and treasures, but if we go much further beyond that, we have to work with creating rules. All actions in Infor...

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I am the Baker of Shireton/And I bake bread because baking is fun...
Now to find Bob the Hobo... So I made a loaf of bread last night and...hunh.  How did that get in there?  It must have been that other version of me stashed in the back room...

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Test Post
Please ignore this post.  If it appears on Planet IF, something has gone terribly wrong, and the people responsible shall be sacked. But visit my website anyway:

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History has been [REDACTED]
I'm surprised no one before this has thought to make a game out of George Orwell's 1984 . The novel includes a very game-able scenario in that the main character's profession is to change printed publications--and therefore history--by editing news stories ...

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Two Quick BOYD Discoveries
I didn't think I'd be interested in the non IF stuff, but some of it has been eye-opening. First is How to Kill a Project by Wertle, a game designer named Lisa, who has created a biographical Twine which explains some of her experience with creating and aba...
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