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Everything is God
Everything is God

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Rick Santorum: 'They were wrong for discriminating against blacks in the eighteen hundreds, therefore they're wrong for not discriminating against gays today.'

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A song about heartache and the solution to it. Plus live version  not bad.
#38special  Hold on loosely!! but never let go!! as that is when they don't come back!! :-))))
#soundsofsunday    #fourthofjulyweekend  
Please Re-Share Public For All To Enjoy!!! :-))))))

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Back when I was happy...

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Funny or Die video:

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A few comments I thought I’d share from a pro-gay watchdog site. Instead of refuting them I sarcastically added more:

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An article and my commentary on the concept of nothing -- the proverbial “rock” that’s to big for even God to lift.

(-More accurately, it should be titled "proof of oneness.")
“It is contrary to reasoning to say that there is a vacuum or space in which there is absolutely nothing.”
– Descartes

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Too sweet. Anti-gay activists will LONG for the days they were associated with Phelps' Westboro “God Hates Fags” Church.

Definitely one for the favorites bar.

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"In twenty-three years, we have found that 99 percent of our clients who experience homosexual feelings have very sensitive temperaments. … This is what I believe to be the foundation for the development of SSA…"
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