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A Prohibition Whose Time is Now
On July 7 th , the UN passed the Nuclear
Prohibition Treaty. A treaty the US will not join any time soon, just as it
hasn’t joined many other global agreements including: ·          Convention on Cluster Munitions ·          Ottawa Treaty (Mine ban) ·      ...

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Not Capitalism- But What Else?
What follows are excerpts from two books I've recently finished. The first I pulled from my own bookshelf long ago purchased at a used book sale, but never read. It was referenced in something I read earlier this year. The book was written in 1969 and I was...

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Not Enough Bullets
I am struggling to remember an earlier time in my life when I felt like the world was as surreal as I find it now. We have a person in the drivers seat so self-absorb, most professional mental health experts I know concur  that he suffers from Narcissistic ...

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Oldies But Goodies
There is probably a built in mechanism in our culture's brain that the newest ideas and thoughts are better than older ones. Today's thinkers have the chance to stand on the shoulders of those who came before. I know I'm always looking for fresh new ideas i...

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Good Jobs, Militarism and Doughnuts
I've spared any regular readers, both of you, from any drainage from my mental swamp for over a month. No real fancy reasons, just The MUSE has not visited despite having completed several good new books and lots of activism. And despite the current absence...

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The Rush to Avoid Taxes
We now have less than 30 days to finish up our federal tax forms and get them to the IRS and state capitols. As I noted recently in this blog , "taxes are dues for living in a civilized society". So why do we all seek every advantage to reduce those taxes? ...

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Cashing in on Fear
While it seems obvious to me, evidently it isn't to many Americans. Donald Trump and other fear mongers among us are constantly trying to make us afraid of - immigrants, minorities, Muslims, LGBT, terrorists, criminals, axis of nauseum. If they c...

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There's A Change A-Comin', or Is There
One of the surprise results of the November election has
been the stimulation of previously docile citizens to engage with the political
and policy gears of our nation. I have attended many organizational meeting of
groups I’ve been active with for some tim...

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Do We Really Want to Build and Defend an Empire?
As veteran defense analyst William Hartung notes  yesterday, the new Trump administration is poised to put an already immense defense budget on steroids. He's obviously thinks the condition of our military is deplorable and thus there will be endless flows ...

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Taxes Are the Dues We Pay to Live in a Civilized, Democratic Society
[I attempted to get this viewpoint published in three newspapers in Michigan without success. So I am putting it out there via the blogosphere. Share as you see fit]. Taxes are the dues we pay to live in a civilized, democratic
society. Recent Michigan legi...
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