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Cashing in on Fear
While it seems obvious to me, evidently it isn't to many Americans. Donald Trump and other fear mongers among us are constantly trying to make us afraid of - immigrants, minorities, Muslims, LGBT, terrorists, criminals, axis of nauseum. If they c...

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There's A Change A-Comin', or Is There
One of the surprise results of the November election has
been the stimulation of previously docile citizens to engage with the political
and policy gears of our nation. I have attended many organizational meeting of
groups I’ve been active with for some tim...

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Do We Really Want to Build and Defend an Empire?
As veteran defense analyst William Hartung notes  yesterday, the new Trump administration is poised to put an already immense defense budget on steroids. He's obviously thinks the condition of our military is deplorable and thus there will be endless flows ...

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Taxes Are the Dues We Pay to Live in a Civilized, Democratic Society
[I attempted to get this viewpoint published in three newspapers in Michigan without success. So I am putting it out there via the blogosphere. Share as you see fit]. Taxes are the dues we pay to live in a civilized, democratic
society. Recent Michigan legi...

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Two Recent Major Reports of Note
Here are two reports issued in the past ten days from two very different sources that should get way more play than they are receiving. There is a confluence between the two that I shouldn't have to explain once you look at them. One report comes from the i...

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Hope, Lies and Making Change
I was up early as usual yesterday morning to sneak in a little quite reading time before heading off to set up for our local monthly recycling drive we've been operating for 28 years. It was chilly (14 degrees) and dark when I loaded up our 1999 Ford Ranger...

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Thoughts at Large at the Beginning of the Year
I heard a clip on the radio today of VP-elect Pence stating that the November election  showed the overwhelming vote of the American people was to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Well of course this is an outright lie on two counts. Even if everyone who...

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Time to Break Silence
Well I haven’t exactly been silent in recent years, but I
think the circumstances we are in call for being unafraid to stand up to forces
that are dragging us toward our collective demise, but also to offer
alternatives that redirect us towards a more just ...

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The Time for Expanded Fellowship
I read this passage the other morning. It's from a book I wasn't looking for when we were browsing through its many floors of used books at one of the great used bookstores in the world, John K. King's in Detroit.         "Without some notion of brotherhood...

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Maelstrom on Steroids
I know I am not the only recipient of countless takes on the U.S. election. Everywhere I turn there is a new attempt to either assess how it happened or that predicts what will follow. I'm pretty convinced that no one understands either very completely. Yet...
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