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I'm speaking @ Meeting The Legends in #Accra today, #mtl17. Ada's 1st #Barcamp is today. #BarcampAda is live. #bcada 4 updates.

2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana. Listening to #MusicWeDeyFeel. Mostly #Africanmusic though. It's #MusicMonday. #233moments cc @MusicWeDeyFeel

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Happy Father's Day to all fathers, especially mine - Francis Ulzen-Appiah.
6 years ago and six Fathers Days ago, I wrote this blog post about African songs to dedicate to your Papa!

Since then, I have returned to Ghana and gotten married to Tracy Ulzen-Appiah. :-)

Here's a photo of my father at my wedding on my #mightyafrican birthday - December 31, the #MightyAfricanLove wedding.

My messages for my +Mighty African​ dad :-)

"A lil something for the Fathers/
That know how to be a man and work harder/
To give something to the Fam/
And would rather make sure the kids are fed dinner/
I'm talking to the real bread winners/ yeah you.."


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Happy father's day to my dad Francis Ulzen-Appiah.

I spent a year with him in the US after Presec before going to MIT. He taught me so many things that year, including how to cook and he was pretty much the major help in my university applications. He has been a major influence on me and I hold him dearly.

Everyone has been a child before, but not everyone has been a father. He has advised me so much over the years and he's right more than 69% of the time.

I love him dearly.

+Mighty African
Photo is from the #MightyAfricanLove traditional wedding 

2:33pm in #Accra. Think #Ghana, it's Friday! #TGIF! #233moments

Past 2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana. Had some great #waakye but I feel I should eat more. Ɛkyena nso so tomorrow. #WaakyeWednesday. #233moments

2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana. My phone is not working o. No calls, texts, whatsapp for me. I'd be back soon. #Waakye time. #233moments

Past 2:33pm in #Accra,#Ghana. Check out #NSMQ2017 4 National Science & Maths Quiz updates of which +Junior Camp Ghana​ is a partner. #23moments

2:33pm in #Accra, #Ghana. We had a small but great #KasoaKonnect & arguably the best +Barcamp Tema​ ever over the weekend. #233moments

Cc +Barcamp Kasoa+Barcamp Kasoa+Barcamp Ghana+GhanaThink Foundation+GhanaThink Foundation​

2:33am in #Ghana. I think we're still un Tema, it's Spintex part hehe. #bctema after party things. This has been fun.

We're @ Crisberry Pub in #Spintex, technically part of Tema, after T-Havanna & Monte Carlo in Tema. #BataItsi #Partycrewgh #233moments
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