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Olga Morales

today we focused more on creating the website, we have a lot of work to do but we will hopefully finish it

today was alright , this whole project is finally coming together little by little. i'm starting to see more about how the outcome will be , today we have had to write paragraphs about our peer interviews ,

today went light, me and kiara natal had peer interview each other , at first i was a little nervous on asking her questions , because if the camara , but after the 1st round i got use to it and went through with our interviews, another thing i did was comment on pictures and parapraphs that was based on education , reading them and seeing the pictures showed me that alot of students who are black and hispanic are struggling , which connected with my self , it makes me want to help others more because lucky for me i have found a grate school

i think today was okay , it was great feed back from when we did our interviews from last session, we watch a couple of videos and told each other warm and cool comments based on what we think about the videos and the interview , i think it will help us for next time when we interview again, we probably will do better and active listen more , speaking for my self and the comments i recieved from my peers will help alot

today was fun , i had another opportunity to interview people in the street, all different age groups, all different ethnics backgrounds and all different answers. this project is coming together really good which i thought it wasn't, i could finally say that i'm kind of liking this class. i would like to do more interviewing, we should all the another round of this

i would like to continue interviewing other espeacilly for vox pop which is intervewing others outside , all this will make a video for a grate website.

today i had a good time , it was very interesting, i like using the camera to record people about what education was like. getting both to be recording and also interviewing people was very much like seeing other views on these topics.

the titile is ehh , there could be a better one. today i finished up work that i had to do and also worked on the website a lil which was a okayyyy

we need more time and help but things are coming along.

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