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Make work good.
Make work good.


In striving for a more #humanworkplace, take care that your striving is human as well.

One of the toxic behaviors of poor leadership is to NOT assume positive intent.

Assume positive intent even of leaders whose behavior may be toxic.

Give respect to get respect.

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Company culture is collective tendencies in behavior.

If you're not constantly and consistently talking with people about behavior, you're leaving culture up to chance.

If you're leaving culture up to chance, you have little influence on performance.

#leadership #companyculture
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We talk about "building culture" in our companies.

The truth is, culture is less a precisely constructed and static building, and more a living, breathing, changing garden.

Weeds will crop up. Healthy plants will sicken and whither. It is the job of leadership to tend this garden with great care and attention.

And leadership is called for in every seat in the org.

#leadership #companyculture
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You're addicted. So am I.

"Yeah, but." That's the drug of choice we use when someone makes a good point we don't want to face. "BUT" degrades relationships.

Don't be a "BUT head."

Try "AND." It'll work. Every time.
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Imagine if FedEx pretended that the science of a round earth didn't matter to global shipping.

Same thing if you ignore the importance of #psychologicalsafety.

Not soft. Not a fad. A reality.
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Effective leaders, effective collaborators constantly and consistently tell people what they appreciate.

Think about each of the people on your team.

What was the last specific compliment you paid each one about their performance?

#leadership #management #communication #culture #collaboration
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You cannot motivate other people. Don't try.

Want to get the best your people have to offer?

Help them connect their work with what they want and with who they are.

#leadership #motivation
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Your job title should help you understand expectations of you, and help others understand what to expect of you.

Very often now, job titles create friction in our organizations by setting false expectations.

This is an interesting take on that common problem.

Another take... Titles that are purpose oriented rather than task defining.

#companyculture #Leadership #Communication #expectationsetting
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"The key to organizational success is developing tight-loose ambidexterity."

#Leadership #adaptability
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"The competition breeds unspoken anxiety and defensiveness, undermining cooperation, psychological safety, trust in coworkers, and the ability to admit uncertainty or mistakes. Together this creates miserable, counterproductive work environments that increase stress, burnout, and turnover."
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