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Google+ will be great once they actually roll it out.....
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It's already getting there, thats why I'm trying to invite all our friends. Once poeple are on here, its all worth it. As Sarah just put it, its Gmail, facebook, Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn all in one.
Shit is nice. But, It's been 16 days since you signed on PSN. Don't you have 2k11?
yea its still being fixed....the graphics card was starting to go out so the games was freezing
I would hook you up if I were still at home. I'll see what I can do about that.
Its cool, its already in the shop. I'm just waiting now.
Well hurry that shit up. We need a 4th for team games. 
aight im just lettin you my dude on 2k11 puts up just as many shots as kobe
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