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Tiffany Kadani (Dancing Branflake)
A dancer who loves to write, eat, cook, and travel.
A dancer who loves to write, eat, cook, and travel.

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Dance is Hard: A Reality Check
I sometimes laugh to myself when people make comments how wonderful it must be to have dance as a means of expression. They might say, "Oh how fun you get to dance!" I laugh because dance is hard. Sure I get to express myself from time to time, but when you...

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Being Part of a Vision
These images were from years ago and for some reason this post never posted. I only found out because I was doing a Google image search for one of the photos and I couldn't find it. I'm horrified I let that lapse because Susan and I put so much love and pas...

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Last Minute Delicious Thanksgiving Pie
When I need a dessert in 20 minutes or less, I make this versatile and delicious cream pie. I was thrilled to discover grocery stores are carrying pumpkin spice pudding (by Jell-O) this year to feed into the pumpkin spice craze of the decade. To make it mor...

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Happy Halloween from Baguette and Hubble! Yes, we bought guinea pigs. That was the big announcement! No apologies for not being pregnant or something because we are entirely thrilled to have these cuties in our lives. I know it's so random and strange (I'm ...

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It's Coming
Happy Almost Halloween! I bought this beautiful pumpkin and stuffed it with everything good. And I mean everything. Wild rice, heavy cream, cheese, crisp bacon, and scallions. There's something magical about pumpkins. We carve them, eat them, stuff them, wa...

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You take him to impress him
"This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to," Mr. B said as soon as we entered my favorite part of Skyline Drive, a strip of gorgeous scenery heading south overlooking the Shenandoah Valley. I've waited an entire year to come back here and I...

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Just one more
 "Just one more," I told Mr. B about fifty times. It was the last weekend of the Summer I had off, so we had a Skyline Drive adventure. Last year I came alone in the Fall when this grove of trees was snowing pure canary yellow leaves. I wanted to see what i...

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Oh hey
Let me tell you something... Death is exhausting. That's one thing I never anticipated. I have never been so emotionally exhausted as I have been this past year and I think that's reflected in this blog. I have little motivation to do things I did before my...

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Remember Life?
Rehearsals started last week. Classes start this week. My mind is slowly letting go of the luxury of sleeping in and doing nothing really that important. But it doesn't feel like Summer during childhood when the last weeks of August marked the end of freedo...

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Cyd and I had an incredible time in NYC this Summer. Her college friends put on a rock opera off Broadway and we decided to make a weekend of it. We ate, we shopped, we went to every iconic place we could find, and we got hit on a lot. And we walked. One da...
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