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Dylan Travers
Music composer and indie game hobbyist
Music composer and indie game hobbyist

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This augmented reality mobile phone game sounds hella amazing. Check out the description in the android app store for details (coming soon for iOS too apparently).

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Sharing news of a new social network on a social network I've neglected :\ At least this reinvigorates my interest in keeping up with G+

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Can't wait to get my hands on one of these. So many people seem to think this is comparable to an iPad though. Sure, maybe if an iPad could run Mac OSX, with 4 GB memory and a dual-core processor...
Microsoft finally talks Surface Pro pricing: 64GB for $899, 128GB for $999. Which one do you think you'll get? -

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I like how trumpets and flags come out of the hint lady's ass in City of Wonder when you gain a level.

I left the room with music playing and while I was gone the 5 flash videos I had paused reloaded and started playing. I thought Satan had decided to live inside my computer.

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Tobey, Y U give us Spider-Man 3 flashbacks with your hair? *shudders*

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"Bioluminescence in the Gippsland Lakes"
Photographer: Phil Hart

This images would be cool enough if they were some kind of artistic fabrication, but the fact that they're real photographs is nothing short of amazing. Capturing more than one brand of nocturnal illumination, photographer Phil Hart snapped thiese at Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, Australia, displaying both the cosmic light above the water and the bioluminescent algae below.

Judging from his gallery, Hart has been shooting these bioluminescent protists for a few years now, since wildfires in Victoria that began in 2006 set off a mulit-year chain reaction in the local ecosystem that eventually led to these _Noctiluca scintillans algae _thriving in the Gippsland Lakes.

Hart tells the full story ( ) of his fascination with and capturing of these bioluminescent organisms on his website ( ) , which is highly recommend to check out if not for the back story then for the impressive collection of biologically (and astronomically) pretty pics.

Quote credits go to Clay Dillow ( )
Bioluminescence in the Gippsland Lakes (8 fotos)
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Oh good, now I can travel the world and know where I'm going.
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