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Bruce Nygaard
in picture on left (my right), i'm the person on right (my left)
in picture on left (my right), i'm the person on right (my left)

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one week to go. 4 weeks worth of task to complete first. oh well, like a friend said, the day will come anyway, and we'll get on the plane whether everything is done or not. Colorado here we come!

packing. (is so fun). or [is why my brain aches]. #dontyouhatehashtags

based on our choices, you'd think Matt 28:18-20 is "The Great Optional Suggestion."

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Apple's pied piper is exposed as a greedy dictator-- and his lemmings are finally saying "no more jumping".

Marriage is not a joining of two worlds, but an abondoning of two worlds in order that one new one might be formed. (Mike Mason, commenting on Gen 2:24). What i like about this quote is that "creating a new world" is a stronger word picture (more thrilling and challenging) than merely "getting married".

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this excellent article, written in 2004 by a Jew, makes me long for more of this kind of perspective in the press.

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goodbye to, JRW Stott, one of the "great ones" and a fellow birder.

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see caption


= pirate?

i think i need someone to sit down and give me a mission-specific tutorial on G+. (i.e., can G+ actually help me communicate more efficiently to accomplish what i need to do, without creating more time-wasting "things to check"?).
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