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Systems need to let passwords be much longer, because it's easier for humans to remember words, and faster for humans to enter, long phrases of words than shorter strings of random noise (that have the same entropy).

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Thanks Microsoft

Translation Skit

I heard this skit when I was a kid; searched for it online a few times, but only found it last week. Wait long enough, and everything shows up on the internet? Anyway, here's a skit demonstrating the difficulties of language translation.

This skit illustrates the difficulties of speaking with an interpreter. This is best read with the pastor (Rev) speaking with a thick Texan accent, and the interpreter (Int) speaking with a strong foreign accent (I heard it as a southern African accent).

Rev: I feel so good to be with you here today.
Int: I feel so healthy in being with you today.
Rev: I am from Texas, the Lone Star State.
Int: This man is from Texas, the state with just one star in the sky.
Rev: I must say that I was nervous flying over here.
Int: This man was afraid to come here.
Rev: In the Bible, Jesus says, "Lo, I am with you always." But He didn't say anything about being with us high up on an airplane.
Int: It is OK. He just told a dumb joke. So please laugh for him.
Rev: But I'm very excited to be here. I'm just so taken with your country.
Int: Oh, he is pleased to be here, but it seems that this man is a prisoner of the government... We'll try to get them to let you return home, brother.
Rev: What? Well, I want to thank you for lunch.
Int: I would like to thank you for the lunch we have just eaten.
Rev: The Lord knows I really made a pig out of myself!
Int: God turned me into a swine!
Rev: I must admit that I had a few butterflies about eating your food.
Int: Oh, it seems to me that our guest, he took some flies into his stomach . . . We are so sorry my brother.
Rev: Oh no. The food was very good. The food was very good.
Int: You like the flies?
Rev: Oh the food was very good.
Int: He likes the flies.
Rev: I'm just tickled pink that you shared your food with me.
Int: But it seems to me that our brother, from eating this food, has developed a rash and has just begun to scratch himself pink.
Rev: I'm especially ecstatic about the topic you've asked me to address today.
Int: I'm especially elastic about this topic you've asked me to undress today.
Rev: The topic is "How to Get People Involved in a Spiritual Ministry."
Int: The topic is "How to Get People Involved in Ministering to Spirits."
Rev : Too many people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
Int: Oh, in this man's country there is great persecution. They are just cutting their heads off like chickens . . . We will pray for you, my brother.
Rev: Their testimonies are not worth a hill of beans.
Int: Their testimonies are not worth a mountain of vegetables.
Rev: Part of the problem is our pastors.
Int: Part of the problem is our pastors.
Rev: When they preach, they want to knock your socks off.
Int: When they preach, they want to undress your feet.
Rev: But they are always jumping the gun.
Int: These pastors are putting a gun down to the ground and jumping over it.
Rev: They're always shooting their mouths off!
Int: No!!!
Rev: Shooting their mouths off.
Int: These pastors are taking a gun, putting it to their mouths, and shooting their lips off.
Rev: Many times prayer is left behind.
Int: Many times prayer follows.
Rev: There is great disorganization in the services.
Int: The services are run so smoothly.
Rev: Many times people arrive an hour late.
Int: Many times people come just on time.
Rev: I know how it is to get ready for Sunday services.
Int: I know how it is to get ready for church on Sunday.
Rev: You try to get ready, and the kids are in the backyard, as filthy as pigs.
Int: Oh . . . You try to get them ready, and there are some baby goats in the backyard, and they begin to look like pigs.
Rev: You bring them into the house, and put them in the tub.
Int: You do? ...when you bring these baby goats into your house, and put them in the tub.
Rev: These kids begin to climb the walls.
Int: But the baby goats escape.
Rev: Finally, you're ready for church.
Int: Thank God! Finally you are ready for church.
Rev: You step outside, and it's raining cats and dogs.
Int: You step outside, and small animals begin to fall from the sky.
Rev: It's just too much for you, and you get mad at your wife and kids.
Int: It's just too much for you, and you sin against your wife and these baby goats.
Rev: You chew your wife out.
Int: You begin to bite your wife.
Rev: Finally you get to church, but you're not thinking about God.
Int: Finally you come to the house of God, but you're not thinking about Him.
Rev: You look over at your wife, and she's trying to smile.
Int: You look over at your wife, and she's just trying to grin.
Rev: But everyone can tell that you've just chewed her out.
Int: But everyone can see that blood is just dripping down where you have just bitten her.
Rev: That's not serving God. Give me a break!
Int: That's not serving God. Hit me in the face!
Rev: That's just a bunch of baloney.
Int: That's just a sandwich.
Rev: Hello!
Int: Greetings!
Rev: You need to get on fire for Jesus.
Int: You need to burn yourself for Jesus.
Rev: But it seems like someone is always there to quench the fire.
Int: But thank God, somebody comes and puts you out before you burn to death.
Rev: What we need is people with enough guts to fast and pray.
Int: What we need is you people with the big bellies to fast and pray.
Rev: You need to fast and pray the house down.
Int: You need to fast and pray until the house of Satan falls down.
Rev: We don't need flaming evangelist in our church.
Int: We don't need you to burn your evangelist when they come to your church.
Rev: You need to get into the closet of prayer.
Int: Water closet?
Rev: Yes, closet.
Int: Go to your toilets and pray.
Rev: Get under the spout until the glory comes out.
Int: Even if you have to get into the shower and pray, do it.
Rev: If you will follow my words. . .
Int: If you will talk like I do. . .
Rev: . . . the power of God will sweep over you.
Int: . . . God will hit you with a broom.
Rev: And you will find yourself spiritually walking in the Promised Land. Glory!
Int: And you will find yourself dead and gone to heaven.
Rev: Now every word I've spoken tonight is true, and you can find it in the Bible.
Int: This man believes everything he has taught us tonight is in the Bible.
Rev: I hope someday some of you can come to America and help us as much as I've helped you tonight.
Int: My brothers, I hope that someday you can come to America and straighten this man's theology out.
Rev: God bless you, and keep on trucking!
Int: God bless the truck drivers.
Rev: Amen!
Int: Thank God! He is finished! Amen!

Attribution: I found this at, and the PDF itself credited But I heard this sometime between 1989 and 1997, and I don't think "The Next Mile" existed at that time (per a time-search using Google), so I have to assume it predated them.

Podcast Update!
Here are all the podcasts I subscribe to, separated into broad categories, with a short description for each.

Today was a lesson in why people don't ask for permission -- asking gives information about what you're planning to do, which gives people a chance to get all anxious.

Biryani Recipe

1 medium chicken, cut into medium pcs
3 large onions, sliced
1 Tbsp ginger-garlic paste
5 large tomatoes
1 1/2 cups yogurt
1/2 - 1 pack Shaan Biryani masala (a whole packet is extra spicy)
4 cups rice (32 oz), soaked for 1/2 hour
mint - handful
cilantro - handful
salt to taste

Combine chicken, ginger-garlic paste, biryani masala. Marinate overnight; or 24 hours if pieces are big.

Next day, cook rice:
Add salt to the water.
Boil water.
Add 2-3 tsp of oil.
Add the rice until 3/4 cooked.
Drain and cool.

Heat some oil and butter (optional).
Add onions and fry until dark golden.
Add the chicken and fry on Med-Hi to High until golden brown.
Add the tomatoes and yogurt and cook until a thick gravy (water should dry up).
If the chicken seems cooked and water has not dried up yet, remove the chicken pcs, dry up the water, and then add the chicken pcs back to the pot.

Layer biryani with chicken, mint, coriander, rice. Dot with butter and close tightly with foil/lid.
Place in a preheated oven at 350 for 15-30 minutes.


Chicken should be fried well.
Rice must not be cooked fully initially, only 3/4 cooked.
Rice water should be well salted.

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Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome encounters in my life there is
only one mini on the map.
I don't understand why when I needed you most
you would leave me."

The Lord replied "My precious, precious child,
I love you and would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one mini on the map,
it was then that I was invisible, flying, and raining area save or dies on the orcs.

Error-handling is the soul of computer programming.

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Dark matter is dead, Long Live dark energy! This new theory describes the effect of the addition of dark energy to the holographic principle, which has a side effect of explaining the extra gravity which the theory of dark matter is based on. So basically, if dark energy is real and the holographic principle is correct, there is no dark matter.

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Regarding TWIL 346 (, I feel that Emory Roane does not understand cryptography well enough to keep talking about it on this show. He keeps bringing up how some new development in technology will enable new business models, that will allow user freedoms and restrictions that fall in line with physical goods. This is simply not possible.

If a user "owns" of a copy, that MUST include being (legally) able to play that music/movie/etc, without cooperation of the vendor, or any other named third party (including Apple or bitcoin). If it is possible to play the media, it is trivial to copy the media (usually without even breaking DRM); there is nothing technological that can prevent the user from making any number of copies, and playing them on any number of machines (nor should there be). Or, if it is not (legally) possible for the user to play the media on their own isolated system, then this is NOT "owning" -- we already have a word for that, "licensing".

I admire what bitcoin provides, but claims that it can enable these impossible things is like selling magic beans. The only real difference between "crypto can let you really own your movies" and "crypto can let you levitate plates with their minds" is that most people don't realize that the first one is just as ridiculous as the second. Please don't keep suggesting that it is not.
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