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Matthew McFarland
I'm Matt. I wear a black hat. I write games, I help kids communicate. I cook. I pay attention.
I'm Matt. I wear a black hat. I write games, I help kids communicate. I cook. I pay attention.

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Feng Shui: The End
Last night was the final session of our Feng Shui 2nd Ed game that started waaaaaaay back here . Before we get to the finale, some thoughts on the game. I have said this before, but if I had my druthers, I think I'd have ditched the metaplot and the Chi War...

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Movie #406: Megamind
Megamind  is an animated superhero movie starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Brad Pitt. As a baby, the blue-skinned, huge-headed Megamind (Ferrell) is sent to Earth in a spaceship, but so is a handsome, super-powered baby that wind...

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Feng Shui: One Last (Prep) Time
And now we come to the last session of Feng Shui . Players, stop reading now. I'll wax poetical about the game in the final game write-up, I think. For now, I need to prep some stuff so the Dragons have some shit to do tomorrow. So, goals for this session: ...

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Night's Black Agents: Road Movie To Berlin
(I actually really hate that song, but it was in my head yesterday.) Yesterday we ended the current op in Night's Black Agents , with comparatively little fanfare and no one getting shot! The agents, you'll recall , had captured Obrad Burarcic, Sheela Smith...

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Movie #405: The Meaning of Life
The Meaning of Life  is the last feature film from the Monty Python troupe, and as such stars Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, John Cleese, and Graham Chapman. Carol Cleveland shows up as well. Unlike Life of Brian  and Monty Python & The Holy Gra...

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Promethean: Carnage
Last night was Promethean . I warned you last time of the horror that awaited the throng. Here we go with the horror. They arrived back at the storefront late at night. They noticed that they didn't feel Sicky's Azoth, but that in itself wasn't concerning; ...

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Board Game: Tokaido
Actually played this a few weeks back, but I don't like stacking these posts. Also I forgot. The Game:  Tokaido The Publisher:   Passport Game Studios Time:  20-30 minutes, I think Players:  Me, Teagan, Cael Setup. Game play:  The idea here is that you're a...

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Chill Y'all Nice
There was story arc in Doonesbury  a long time ago involving Mr. Butts, a sentient cigarette meant to be a mascot for cig companies. Anyway, at one point there was an ad campaign within the comic (or maybe a nightmare about one? I never read the comic consi...

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Board Game: Super Munchkin
I can basically just cut-n-paste the header from the last time I played Munchkin , huh?  The Game:   Munchkin The Publisher:   Steve Jackson Games Time:  20 minutes to an hour, depending on how many people are playing Players:  Me, Teagan, Cael Kick in the ...

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Feng Shui: Penultimate
As the story winds down, we find the Dragons approaching the Mountain of Storms, which the Ladies of Jade & Ivory have told them is the stronghold of the Eternal Chameleon. They climb into the foothills with their contingent of soldiers, staring up into the...
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