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Matthew McFarland
I'm Matt. I wear a black hat. I write games, I help kids communicate. I cook. I pay attention.
I'm Matt. I wear a black hat. I write games, I help kids communicate. I cook. I pay attention.

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Movie #390: Kubo & The Two Strings
Kubo & The Two Strings  is an animated fantasy movie starring Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey, Art Parkinson, Ralph Fiennes, Rooney Mara, George Takei, Brenda Vaccaro, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. It's probably one of my favorite films of the year. Young ...

If I were to put together an anthology of urban fantasy/horror/magic realism microgames (RPGs, I guess, but I'm easy), who would be interested in contributing? 

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Movie #389: It Follows
It Follows  is a horror movie starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe, Daniel Zovatto, and Jake Weary. Jay (Monroe) is a college student, seeing a boy named Hugh (Weary). They have sex in his car on a date, after which he immediate...

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Prometheans in the Big Easy
Gotta start doing these the day after. Long week, though. Anyway! Last time  the characters got to the New Orleans, fought some Pandorans, met Sicky, met Charon, and so forth. This time... They wake up in the little hovel that Sicky found for them, an aband...

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Night's Black Agents, Plus Perhaps Promethean Prep
I alliterate like a mo-fo. Anyway, Night's Black  write-up from yesterday and then some game prep. Players, don't read past the picture of Kubo. Last time , the agents got ambushed and barely made it out alive. This time...was not much better, actually. The...

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Night's Black Notents
These are notes for the Night's Black Agents  game later today, which I really wish I'd have done after the last game back before freaking Xmas, because I have vague memories of "ooh, gonna do a thing!" and now they're faded, muted, dreams of greater times,...

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Feng Shui: Fightin' in Caves
Ah, week got away from me. Feng Shui  was Monday! Blam-balam-bam! So! Last time  the characters got into a fight with some river pirates, and lost Wildfire down a waterfall. This time, we pick up as they enter the cave system behind said waterfall...and are...

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Character Creation: QAGS
Two chargen posts in a row, whaaaat. I have some time, and this'll put me caught up with my weekly character resolution. (Normally I'd stick a game prep post in there, but Night's Black Agents  got cancelled yesterday and I already have my Feng Shui  prep d...

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Character Creation: Strays
Much like last week, I let Sunday slip by without making a character, but I have a little time today, so I figure I'll do a quick character and then try and get another one done on Sunday so I'm caught up. The Game:   Strays The Publisher:  Wordsmith Games ...

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Promethean: Mmm, beignets
Monday was Promethean , and you'd think by now I'd know to do the write-up before Thursday, but it's been kind of a busy week. Anydangway! Feather, Avalon, and Grimm arrive in New Orleans and head for Cafe Dumond - Feather wants to introduce the others to b...
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