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Looking forward to getting a new carpet in the living room and after a year being able to have all the rooms in the flat fully useable again :)

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Whoop, got tweeted by @smashingmag- nice :D

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Chuffed with the reception has gotten :)

I kinda like the new Google+ design. Alas, I can't see me using it any more than the last one.

Is there a way to get Google to stop notifying me with a big red number top-right whenever someone adds me to a circle? This is not what I call important information.

The new website is up. The sub-pages still aren't pretty, but there's a lot more content :)

I had forgotten that TextPattern existed. It's had a redesign since the last time I looked, I'd thought the project was dead years ago. Time to re-investigate.

Today has been manic. Can't wait for a relax tonight.

Twitter is so fundamental to a lot of things. And yet, they don't have a site that works at all with JS disabled or NoScript installed. That, to me, is a massive problem on many levels.
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