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Ynyshir, Wales.
Whilst more fame hungry chefs may grab the limelight, Chef Gareth Ward and his young team are quietly working away creating some of the best food in Britain right now. It's a long drive to Ynyshir , at least from Manchester. The roads are narrow and winding...

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Kiln, Soho.
There is no doubt that Manchester is getting better for restaurants all the time but we still have an awful long way to go to get to the general standard of our capital, without doubt one of the best cities in which to eat in the world at every level. It ma...

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25 Best Meals of 2016.
As we all know, 2016 in general has been a terrible year. Luckily we still have restaurants, fine food and booze to console us. In this respect it has been good year for me both in terms of eating and photographing food professionally. My idea of Spanish ch...

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StreetXo, London.
If you've read this website before, you may know that we're huge fans of chef David Muñoz , his high end restaurant DiverXo and more casual StreetXo , both in Madrid. In fact doing them both in one day still remains one of our restaurant mistakes in hindsig...

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Le Cochon Aveugle, York.
The process by which I shoot in restaurants I've developed myself, I've no idea if this is the 'right way'. What I do is I take as many photos of the dish as I can think of in as many different angles and compositions. Then I process the ones that are any g...

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Hispi, Didsbury.
The question most people ask me when shooting in restaurants is, 'don't you get hungry photographing all this food all the time?' The answer is an emphatic no. I am usually obsessively concentrating on getting the best shots, looking for the best light. It'...

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Nacho & Friends Part 3 - Compartir.
The original idea behind Nacho & Friends was that we would ask chefs that we had met on our travels across Spain to cook for us here in Manchester. Although I had not actually yet eaten at Disfrutar in Barcelona or Compartir in Cadaqués I knew I would love ...

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Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.
We've now visited Aponiente every September for the last four years. We've followed them from the small, smart cosy restaurant where it once was (now their own tapas bar) to the imposing sand coloured 18th-century flour mill where it now stands on the edge ...

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Nacho & Friends Part 3 - Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas.
On the 15th November we have invited to Manchester three chefs from one of Spain's hottest restaurants right
 Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas were head chefs of the famous elBulli restaurant (undoubtedly the most influential restaurant...

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Nacho & Friends Part 2: Mark Poynton.
The idea behind Nacho & Friends is that if Manchester doesn't currently have a Michelin star, we could invite chefs here who have stars in their own restaurants to guest chef for one night. This would give people a chance to eat this style of food who may n...
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