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On the list for the weekend - nodejs.exe

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I have used this as a reference a few times since getting started with google+

Currently doing a transition to join my Google account to my Google Apps account as part of their latest upgrades/changes. During the process it makes it very clear how much data Google has on me. A little scary.

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Started to post a

"Dear - undo - revert - go back - that dress makes you look fat - it looks terrible."

then read

still hate the new look and feel but now writing a how I almost posted this post.

Things I want added to Google+:

* Search my stream (and other user's public streams and comments)
* List of my +1s
* View list of +1s by people in my circles
* WP7 IE support
* Add my Google Apps account

Would welcome finding that any of those things exist and I missing something.

Edit: Added (and comments to search want list)

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You need to watch it a few times to really see it but ...

5 start finish to the week at the office. We solved a nagging issues that didn't want to die - +Jordan Patterson actually tried a rain dance to make everything work AND IT DID.

Let the weekend begin

// If it rains over the weekend - feel free blame Jordan.

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I can now be found as thanks to

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Apache Hadoop Goes Realtime at Facebook

You know with Sparks being so weak currently(basically a RSS/search feed) - there is something cool planned for it.
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