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Michael Matula
Novelist and short story writer from Chicago, IL
Novelist and short story writer from Chicago, IL


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99 Cent Sale on Horror Novels This October! News At Eleven!
I've been woefully out of the loop lately.  We're already halfway through the month, and I only just found out my first novel is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon this October.  Turns out, it helps to check your email once in a while.  Who knew?  Sometimes ema...
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Under the Influence – When you don't even know it.
I wear a lot of my
influences on my sleeve.   As a child of
the 80s (the 1980s, I should probably specify.   I'm not from the future.   At least
not yet.   I am, however, working
tirelessly to turn my Hyundai into a time machine), I was raised on a diet of ...
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Chicago Tribune Printer's Row Lit Fest - aka Selling Books for Fun and Profit
This last weekend, I got the opportunity to hang out with five of my fellow Post Mortem Press authors at the PMP table at Printer's Row in downtown Chicago.  I'd already had the pleasure to meet Cynthia Pelayo ( author of Young Adult award-winning novel San...
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Who doesn't like book reviews?  A brand new one just went up for Try Not to Burn on The Horror Book Shelf! 

"Matula’s debut novel is an action-packed genre mash-up with a well-crafted mythology, inventive plot twists and a slew of interesting characters."
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Lineup Announced for the Racine, Wisconsin Barnes & Noble Local Author's Day
Here is the list I was just sent of the authors who will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble in Racine, Wisconsin on August 16th, 2014.  (Schedules permitting, of course.) My fellow Post Mortem Press author, Christian Larsen, will be there as well.  (He's th...
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New book review for Try Not To Burn just went up on

"I loved the ending. I’d spent a lot of time throughout Try Not to Burn predicting how things were going to turn out but I didn’t expect what actually did happen. It was a brave ending by Matula in what was a really strong thriller."
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Of Ghost Stories and Haunted Pez Dispensers
My contributor copy for Sekhmet Press ' recent anthology, Wrapped in White , arrived in the mail just the other day.  I took a couple of snapshots of it (as one does), but when I was developing the film, I noticed a rather odd image superimposed on the phot...
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Edited this picture of meerkats chillin' at a zoo last night.  Turned out better than I'd expected. 

Original photo was by Katsrcool on Flickr.
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Ever Feel Like You're Stuck in a Time Loop?
This latest review is the 2nd time my work's been compared to Groundhog Dag in the last month.  Hmm...I'm starting to feel like I'm stuck in some sort of loop, with no means of escape... Anyway, here's a snippet of that review, which I recently received on ...
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The debut anthology from NovoPulp is now available!  It features my apocalyptic sci-fi story, "Another Exile," which is about the thin line separating a hero and a fugitive. 
+NovoPulp: The Speculative Fiction Anthology
Our First Anthology Published Exclusively by G+ Authors and Artists

NovoPulp was conceived by +Ted Ewen in 2012. He saw the individual efforts of struggling writers putting their work out there and thought a volume of work by G+ authors and artists might be worth pursuing. Two years later we have published our first book and plan to publish one anthology a year of the very best speculative fiction G+ can provide.

In the 2013/2014 anthology we have:

Stories from:
+Lacerant Plainer, +Micha Fire +Charles Barouch +H David Blalock +Laston Kirkland, +James Calbraith, +M Stange, +David Grigg, +Michael Matula, +Rich Larson, and myself.

Afterword by:
+Ted Ewen and myself.

Artwork from:
+Charles Strebor 
+Jacob Dix 
+Marc Reynes Ferra 

Other work by:
+Daniela Huguet Taylor 
+Kristopher Marshall 
+Ted Ewen 

We are looking to connect with those who love the genre and +Peter Edenist was kind enough to allow us to post in this community. I've included some information below about the NovoPulp project if you are interested in learning more:

If you would like to hear a reading from the anthology you can watch the NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology Launch Party HOA here:

NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology Launch Party HOA

If you are a G+ writer or an artist and you would like to get involved in the next anthology you can find everything you need to know here:

G+ is full of talented people deserving of a chance to get their work showcased. So if you just feel like supporting the project by spreading the word you can find images and code for your website here:

We really hope you enjoy the work we have done and thank you all for your support.

#SpeculativeFiction   #AmWriting   #SciFi   #BookLovers   #DiscoverIndie  

Peter asked that I tag all the moderators in this post so here they are:  +Bill Carter +Chris Coomber +Christopher Wieninger +César Bustíos Benites +John Powell +Knut Torgersen +Lacerant Plainer +SciFi Author: Lacerant Plainer +Michelle Quevedo +Roger Stegeby +Sci-Fi on G+ 

If I didn't tag you it because Google didn't list you in top few results for your name (because you are not in my circles).
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